Most Dangerous Fitness Exercises That Cause Injuries

Regular exercising is necessary for being in shape and leading a healthy and happy life. In fact, lack of physical activity can be one of the main factors causing various chronic diseases. However, some papers suggest that injuries are inevitable Read more [...]
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Top 3 Affordable Healing Resorts in Asia

Asia is a home to the world’s most beautiful beaches, magnificent underwater life, lush green hills, and famed shopping districts.  There’s always something for everyone – whether you want to experience new outdoor adventures, taste authentic Read more [...]
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Get Glowing Skin without Spending a Fortune

  Flawless, smooth, radiant, glowing – these are all the attributes we want our skin to possess.  Although some of you may be born with it already, some of us here *waves* need to put extra effort in our skincare routine and invest in products, Read more [...]
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5 Workout Ideas for Couples

You know what’s better than working out with a partner?  Working out with YOUR partner in life!  You know what they say, “couples who work out together, stay together.”  Just kidding…  I just made that up.  But seriously, studies have Read more [...]
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What to Eat When You Have a Cold or Flu

  If you are wondering why the winter months are considered the flu season, well… that’s because the Influenza virus becomes more stable and stays longer when the air is cold and dry.  If you’ve already caught a cold or flu, know that Read more [...]
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6 Breakfast Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fuels you up and get you alert and ready for the day. Skipping your first meal of the day will slow down your metabolism, causing you to feel sluggish and overindulge when you Read more [...]
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