Is Your Nanny Fitness Minded?

In today's world, the health of children is a growing concern of many parents. Although child obesity levels have begun to decline overall, it doesn't mean that parents can ease up on the reigns. While you're away, do you feel confident that your nanny can provide a healthy lifestyle for your children? What are some ways that your nanny can promote fitness in the home? Read more [...]
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The Cholesterol Lie

If you are overweight, over 50, and chronically exhausted, you are probably taking statins. The odds are good enough that I could make that a blanket bet, and make a lot of money on it. Chronic exhaustion is the #1 side-effect of statins. Chronic exhaustion is not just a normal part of aging. Read more [...]
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Why Are You Always Getting Sick?

You always have tissues stuffed in your pocket. They know you by name at the pharmacy counter, and you use up all your sick days at work before the end of January. If this describes you, you are not alone. Many Americans today are faced with elements Read more [...]
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Bulletproof Coffee

I had the privilege of meeting Dave Asprey on last year's Low-Carb Cruise (you might still be able get in on this year's cruise, even though the initial deadline for signing up has passed). In his talk, he brewed and mixed some of his trademarked "Bulletproof Read more [...]
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A Performance Enhancer Not Banned By The Olympic Committee

Colostrum It is high in protein, low in fat, and contains antibodies to protect against disease. Some say it is nature’s most perfect food. Mothers begin producing colostrum just before the baby is born, and there is no doubt about the benefits Read more [...]
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5 Healthy Protein Sources

Whether you're a strength athlete looking to bulk up or someone looking to shed a few extra pounds, you will still require a certain amount of protein in your daily diet. From creating DNA to removing bad cholesterol, proteins are a vital ingredient Read more [...]
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