Mental fitness: Tips to Head Stress off at the Pass

It is difficult for the people to cope with the tremendous pace at which the world is moving. Trying to keep up with the fast paced world has resulted in an immense amount of stress. Different people respond to stress differently. Some people find Read more [...]
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Why Are Carbs Important During a Workout?

Just about everything we eat and drink provides us with energy except water. Everything has some kind of macronutrient in it. Nutritionists divide macronutrients into three groups: carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The question for athletes is how effective Read more [...]
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Can Diet and Exercise Affect Musical Performance?

I am a musician (in addition to having an interest in nutrition and health), so the following video caught my attention. This video addresses the question, "Do diet and exercise affect your musical performance?" Of course they do. In this video by Read more [...]
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Help Yourself Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

For people struggling with their weight, the most difficult task is to find a good plan to follow. Simply deciding that now is the right time to start losing weight is not nearly enough – everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that this Read more [...]
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5 Fruits to Boost Your Energy Levels (No Caffeine Required)

Experiencing the 3pm energy slump? Trying to wake up and get going in the morning? Working to get the energy together to get in that workout? Do you reach for yet another coffee when your energy levels are low? Well there is another alternative Read more [...]
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Lavender Essential Oils Create Peace and Relaxation

A good night’s rest is beneficial for the mind and body including vital organs such as the heart. People need plenty of sleep to perform at their peak during the day. Today’s busy lifestyles often create an atmosphere of stress that ultimately Read more [...]
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