How osteoarthritis can hurt your joints

One fact that people often neglect is that as they age, their body ages with them. Many of us, expect our body parts to be just as healthy and fit as they were 30 or 40 years past. Sadly, that’s not the case and there are several diseases that come Read more [...]
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How Your Kitchen, Pantry, and Dining Area Can Promote Ideal and Healthy Eating Habits

A lot of fitness professionals say that fitness starts and ends in the kitchen. As famous America's Fitness Doctor said, “Eighty per cent of the weight loss battle is nutrition. This is the key to achieving and maintaining the body you want.” Read more [...]
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How to Choose Walking Shoes for Bad Knees – A Foolproof Guide

How to choose walking shoes for bad knees? This question has been heard and asked many times already. This time, I will give light to it. Having conditions and problems in the knees can hamper an individual from doing this said exercise. That’s Read more [...]
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10 Design Elements that Make an Inspiring Home Gym

In this blog, we're going to enumerate the 10 unmissable elements of a functional and stylish home gym. Having most of these will inspire you to get your daily workout done. Read more [...]
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Ways Working Out can Help Stop Drinking

Putting a stop to your drinking habit is difficult, and even when you do, chances of a relapse still exist. But if you exercise regularly, you say goodbye to your addiction once and for all. A study conducted in 2011 claimed that even a 30 minute Read more [...]
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Eating these Foods after Your Workout Can Supercharge Your Results

More often than not, our busy lifestyles lead us to have a training program without a nutritional regimen to complement our workouts. However, skipping meals, choosing sugar-filled sodas instead of water, or succumbing to our carb cravings instead Read more [...]
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