3 Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Alternatives to Liposuction

Liposuction has been ranked the second most performed cosmetic surgical procedure with 222,051 procedures according to the latest data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Although there has been a continuous increase in the number Read more [...]
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The Best and Worst Drinks for Weight Loss

  One common mistake when dieting is not watching what you drink.  Sure, you are very conscious with your eating habits – avoiding carbs, counting calories, skipping junk and fast food but you tend to overlook on what you drink.  You see, Read more [...]
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5 Foods to Reduce Bloating and Belly Fat

  Stomach bloating is definitely a dilemma that everyone struggles with from time to time.  It isn’t just painful or uncomfortable, it’s embarrassing as well.  If you are planning to wear a tight-fitting clothing tonight or your sexy Read more [...]
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How to Choose the Perfect Gym for You

After months of contemplating on what fitness routine to take, you’ve finally decided to hit the gym.  A paid gym membership will push you to follow an everyday exercise regime and help you achieve your health & fitness goals.  However, choosing Read more [...]
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10 Facts about Solvaderm Stemnucell

Do you feel like anti-aging cream you’re currently using isn’t enough to combat all signs of aging? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, most women deal with the same problem. Your anti-aging cream needs help and support to provide all its benefits, Read more [...]
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4 Post-natal Supplements for New Moms

  When a mother gives birth, she should not just make sure that her baby’s health is okay, but hers as well.  After all, she needs all the nutrients and energy to keep up with the baby’s needs, right?  More importantly if you are a breastfeeding Read more [...]
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