Nutrients that becomes crucial at an older age

Providing the body proper nutrients after a certain age can become a real challenge. As you grow old and you get over 50, the amount of calories the body needs diminishes. To hit the mark, aim at including calories that are rich in nutrients, vitamins Read more [...]
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4 Surprising Heart-Healthy Foods

  When it comes to reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases, a heart-healthy diet typically includes olive oil, fish, whole grains, avocados and tomatoes to name a few.  Even Red wine and dark chocolates also have become popular heart-healthy Read more [...]
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Pros and cons of using protein powder when working out

The choice of majority of fitness enthusiasts in the present time, protein supplements are the new age phenomenon currently on the rise. They are available in a variety of different forms including protein bars, shakes, powders, gels and even capsules. Read more [...]
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How Heart Surgery May Extend Your Life

Overview Types of Heart Surgeries  In the year 2005, doctors have performed around 280,000 bypass surgeries to route the new vessels around the blocked arteries and about 800,000 angioplasties to the open blocked arteries. Also, 100,000 Americans Read more [...]
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5 Indoor Plants That Can Help Improve Your Health

If you think having plants at home is just a way to decorate your living space, then you’re wrong.  Certain types of greeneries provide excellent benefits to your health and wellness. Aside from plants having natural healing properties, some Read more [...]
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How a Day at the Beach is Good for Your Health

Going to the beach is not only loads of fun and a great way to bond with family and friends, but is also incredibly good for your health. I know that most of you love to go to the beach and I don’t think there’s still a need for some convincing, Read more [...]
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