What Is Stress Doing to Our Body and How to Fight It

We often hear people referring to stress as the number one silent killer, but how true is that? It is difficult to prove it, but when we look at the ten leading causes of death worldwide according to World Health Organization, we can relate chronic Read more [...]
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Improve Your Health With This Tropical Miracle

In the recent past, there has been an increased interest in healthy living. Given the rise in processed foods and longer, drearier working hours, people have decided to seriously make a change in their lifestyle in one way or another. Of course, for Read more [...]
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8 Essential Brain Foods for Your Kids

  Good nutrition is critical in your child’s brain development.  Food does not just simply help build a better brain but it also affects your child’s ability to learn and focus in school.  So whether your kid is having attention problems Read more [...]
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4 Tips to Prevent Common Colds

Common cold is without a doubt, the most common illness that us humans acquire.  It’s the most common reason of absence from school and work.  At the same time, this viral infection easily spreads too.  The virus that causes colds spread through Read more [...]
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Body Contouring: Facts, Procedures and Side Effects

  Okay, so you’ve lost a substantial amount of weight from dieting or Bariatric surgery and you finally achieved the desired weight that you were aiming for.  You’ve become healthier, fitter and slimmer… but as a result of the massive Read more [...]
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5 Sneaky Causes of Your Weight Gain

So you believe that you’re eating right… You go to the gym regularly…  You don’t eat junk food and sweets… but with all these efforts, you are still gaining weight and can never lose weight.  Don’t feel depressed, you’re already on Read more [...]
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