Satisfy Hunger — The Healthy Way!

Isn’t it annoying to have your stomach grumble in hunger whenever you are in a quiet environment? What’s worse, you cannot just act nonchalant about it and appear unaffected. Truth is, apart from dealing with the embarrassment, you want to do something about your hunger as soon as possible. Read more [...]
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10 Reasons for Advance Meal Planning

Most folks don’t plan out and prepare a week’s (or longer) worth of menus in advance. It could be that they just aren’t aware of how many benefits there are to planning – or, maybe they think they haven’t got the time. Here are some of the reasons you should be planning your meals ahead of time. Read more [...]
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The Role Of Exercise In Treating Obesity

Obesity has become a major concern for most of the people in the world. Due to the unhealthy food habits, lack of the physical activity and stress in the day-to-day life leading to a major health problem called Obesity. According to a survey, more Read more [...]
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Does the 5:2 fasting diet plan work?

Looking at the 5:2 fasting diet plan, it may seem too good to be true. No more crash diets, no starving yourself for weeks without seeing results, no having to eliminate your favorite foods such as pizza or chocolate. Research has proven time and again Read more [...]
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Planning Healthier Meals

Several of us at our house need to shed some pounds so we began thinking that if we are already planning these menus ahead of time then we should be trying to stay away from the high calorie/high fat meals and stick to healthy meals. For most of us that are dieting one of the hardest parts is just trying to figure out what to prepare for meals Read more [...]
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The Cholesterol Lie

If you are overweight, over 50, and chronically exhausted, you are probably taking statins. The odds are good enough that I could make that a blanket bet, and make a lot of money on it. Chronic exhaustion is the #1 side-effect of statins. Chronic exhaustion is not just a normal part of aging. Read more [...]
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