How to Lose Weight with Honey Lemon and Cinnamon

Weight loss has been the most trending activity in today life. Most people have become obese and have come to realize that their size is not that pleasing. You become obese mostly because you have been worshiping your most delicious meal which is Read more [...]
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9 Ways to Stay Active During Winter

It’s a lot easier to stay active when the weather is warm.  But when the winter season starts, working out becomes a challenge.  All you want to do is to just curl up in bed with a book or watch some Netflix.  But it doesn’t have to be that Read more [...]
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5 Proven Benefits from Dark Chocolate

We are all guilty of indulging in chocolates because it’s such a sinful treat… but not if we trade it for Dark Chocolates.  Yes, the ones with 70-85% cocoa – the higher the cocoa content, the healthier it is (mostly because the higher the percentage Read more [...]
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Wine in a Weight Loss Program?

Wine definitely has the ability to be much more than an aphrodisiac or a dessert sideline. With the right kind of wine in the right amounts, you can actually add a bit of flair to your weight loss or health program! In case you did not know, red wine Read more [...]
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Natural Sources of Calcium

Do you know the joke about the woman who takes her son to a museum to see the dinosaurs? Well, as soon as they walk in, the child spots a huge skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex and is completely amazed. After a couple of seconds of silence, he asks: “Mum, Read more [...]
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5 Most Common Health Concerns and How To Fix Them

Our health is one of the most precious assets we have, and as such we want to look after ourselves. But no matter how much we try to stay healthy, health problems and concerns still arise from time to time. Some health concerns are more common than Read more [...]
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