5 Super Foods for Your Eyes

Eating healthy is important for many reasons. Research has shown that regular consumption of foods loaded with added sugars and saturated fats can lead a number of health problems, including stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. However, many people Read more [...]
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10 Reasons Why Drinking more Water will make you Healthier

Have you ever weighed yourself at night before bed then again when you woke up? You may have noticed a small difference in your weight. Usually it’s nothing big, just a pound or so. Don’t get too excited! You can’t just sleep weight off. Read more [...]
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The Perfect Mantra to weight loss: KEEP GOING!

Sans age, weight and gender, the greatest conundrum of the era is to figure the easiest and the right way to lose weight. You may be health conscious, looks conscious or simply a subject of self-loathing but the idea of losing some or even many pounds Read more [...]
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10 Health and Fitness Tips

1. Exercise - Boost your energy Exercise is the best way to keep yourself healthy. People usually assume that it is only for people who are out of shape which is not true. It does not matter if you are thin or fat or overweight or in-shape, the Read more [...]
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Garlic; Bad For Your Breath, Great For Your Health

Garlic has long been known for its health benefits as well as its wonderfully distinct taste. It’s a resilient little root which grows all year round in numerous warm climates, although China still produces a staggering 66% of the world’s supply. Read more [...]
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Infographic — How *NOT* to run a Marathon

The number of people running marathons for the first time is steadily increasing, as is the number of preventable running-related injuries and other problems. If you are thinking about running in a marathon (or a half-marathon), great! However, if Read more [...]
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