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5 Ways Weight Loss Surgery Works Better than Diets

Whenever anyone asks for advice on losing weight, people start bombarding them with diet and exercise. Even though these two methods are fairly reliable, they don’t work for everyone. It’s simple, people just don’t have the energy, time, or Read … Continue reading

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Wine in a Weight Loss Program?

Wine definitely has the ability to be much more than an aphrodisiac or a dessert sideline. With the right kind of wine in the right amounts, you can actually add a bit of flair to your weight loss or health … Continue reading

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Spices to Aid Your Weight Loss Goals

The myth that starving yourself to death is the most efficient way to lose weight has been debunked a long time ago. We now know that as long as you eat healthy and rationally, you can reach your goals in … Continue reading

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Want To Lose Weight? – Follow These Secret Weight Loss Tips

Despite all your efforts, you can’t reduce your weight. Even sadder, instead to lose, you gain more weight. You are going to the gym or fitness center three times a week, and you still can’t lose some pounds, but otherwise … Continue reading

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Helpful Weight Loss Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is the world’s new favorite website, bringing endless collections of fun, helpful, unique and interesting graphics to anyone who has a moment (or several hours) to surf through them. Given its focus on imagery, Pinterest shines especially Read more … Continue reading

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Turbo-Charge Your Weight Loss With HIIT

Back in June of this year I wrote an article for Guestdietblog.com about nutrition as it relates to riding a bike. In this article I’d like to speak of an exercising style that serves to increase the effectiveness of exercise … Continue reading

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