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10 Simple Ways to Make Fitness a Part of Your Life

Focus on making fitness an easy daily habit, not a huge change. Here are 10 easy ways you can make fitness a part of your life. Continue reading

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Detox Diets and Weight Loss: What Do The Experts Say?

With most dieters going gaga over detox programs to lose weight, several questions and viewpoints arise. How effective actually are they? What’s the buzz about detox diets causing harm to the body? Then why is almost every third person paying … Continue reading

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Staying Fit With Kids

Staying fit and healthy with kids is no laughing matter. When you are trying to juggle your own life plus those of your children you are often overwhelmed and feel like you do not have time to eat right or stay fit. However there are ways to stay healthy even with kids. Here are some simple tips: Continue reading

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5 Easy Food Swaps That Lower Cholesterol

Does your family have a long history of heart disease? If so, you may want to pay special attention to make sure that you are following a low cholesterol diet. Although genetics, age, and even environmental factors have an influence … Continue reading

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What’s the Fuss over Carbohydrates?

Low carbohydrate diets have gained a lot of publicity recently, thanks to folks like Dr. Atkins, Dr. Schwarzbein, Dr. Bernstein, and a host of others. Despite the credentials of these folks, there is still an acrimonious debate on the merits of low-carb diets. Ok, what are ‘carbs’? And what’s the Big Deal? Continue reading

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Use Herbs to Spice up Your Meals

Herbs add distinctive flavors and serve as attractive garnishes. These small additions to food can make an enormous difference in how appealing and satisfying a meal can be. Many top chefs grow their own herb gardens from which they can … Continue reading

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