Can you become addicted to diet pills?

Throughout the United States and much of the world, the use of diet pills for the purpose of losing weight is popular. Diet pills have the potential to help those who need to lose weight, though they can be abused and users are at risk of becoming addicted Read more [...]
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Eating Healthy During Recovery

The goal of substance abuse recovery is to restore the health of your body and mind. Unfortunately, those who abuse drugs and/or alcohol also have a high risk of eating disorders. By the time they seek help with their addiction, many addicts are malnourished, Read more [...]
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Teeth Flossing

A key part of maintaining good dental hygiene is teeth flossing. However, as many as 36% of Americans don’t bother with flossing at all. While there have been claims made that flossing is not necessary, there is enough evidence to the contrary that Read more [...]
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8 Proven Tips for a Good Night Sleep that Actually Work

Getting good quality sleep at night is pivotal for a person’s mental and physical health. Falling short of that takes a serious toll on a person’s energy, productivity, weight and emotional state. It invites a whole host of illnesses and issues. Read more [...]
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The Health Benefits of Fasting

Ramadan season has begun, which is considered the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. During this time, individuals practicing this faith abstain from eating and drinking from dawn to sunset as their way to increase devotion and worship. But Read more [...]
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Multivitamins and Why You Should Be Taking Them

The topic of multivitamins has always been a sort of 50/50 split. With some people taking their daily supplements and others not thinking it’s necessary or who don’t believe that it does anything. We live busy lives and getting in all the vitamins Read more [...]
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