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Magic of The 3 R’s of Workout Recovery Nutrition

One of the things that a lot of people who want to get fit are completely oblivious of is the fact that the recovery is as important as the workout itself. First of all, your body needs to rebuild itself … Continue reading

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7 Monday Morning Habits of Successful People That You Should Learn

Monday mornings have become the most unpleasant period for most people nowadays. Not only that these people face the fact that the weekend has passed, but because this also means that the reality of working out the current responsibilities continues … Continue reading

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How to Look Slim Instantly

As bad as it sounds, nowadays, people associate “looking good” with “looking slim”.  Honestly, you don’t need to be thin to look good.  What makes a person beautiful is the confidence and the inner beauty that radiates from within.  But … Continue reading

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Handling Food Safely While Eating Outdoors

Although engaging in outdoor events provide a wealth of fun and opportunity for us to relax and have a great time with friends and family, it also is a great opportunity for dangerous food-borne bacteria and viruses to thrive. In … Continue reading

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Rising Numbers In Obesity Leads To Other Health Concerns

If obesity wasn’t considered an epidemic before, it’s certainly reached full-blown status now. Each successive study points to obesity as the base problem of yet another condition. Just days ago a report on the CBS News website revealed that knee replacement … Continue reading

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What Meal Replacement Diets Can Do For You

  Meal Replacement Diets One of the key ingredients, if not THE key ingredient to healthy and sustainable diet and weight loss is to get to that stage where you can really have control over what you eat. I don’t … Continue reading

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