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8 Benefits from Wine Consumption

For the past years, wine has been marketed to older generations but now, there have been a notable increase in demand from Millennials. Millennials are starting to move away from beer in favor of wine and spirits. Having a healthy … Continue reading

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How to Reverse T2 Diabetes

Can T2 diabetes really be reversed? Yes — provided it has not progressed to the point where your pancreas has complete given up the ghost. Even then, changing your diet can help — a lot. The starting point of “curing(*)” … Continue reading

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A Performance Enhancer Not Banned By The Olympic Committee

Colostrum It is high in protein, low in fat, and contains antibodies to protect against disease. Some say it is nature’s most perfect food. Mothers begin producing colostrum just before the baby is born, and there is no doubt about … Continue reading

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Walk to Work, Lower Your Diabetes Risk

Nearly 26 million American children and adults have been diagnosed with diabetes, according to the latest reports from the American Diabetes Association (ADA). While the statistics appear grim, there are number of simple ways you can take control of your … Continue reading

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Need Better Healthcare? You may have to pay for it directly!

I recently had a fairly lengthy exchange of emails with an internet friend named Martin in the UK who was suffering from diabetes, and despite following the protocols and taking the medicines provided by the NHS (the UK National Health … Continue reading

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Increasing Weight [Infographic]

It has become a widely accepted practice to monitor consumption of food by counting calories as well as monitor exercise also by counting calories. The ultimate purpose is to achieve better health and body fitness. Recommended caloric intake per Read … Continue reading

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