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Sandra Wade is part of a team of fitness experts at Weight Loss Diets For Women . She likes to share her views and secrets with fellow bloggers who are interested in diet, fitness, weight loss and exercise. Learn more about her diet secrets here.

Diet and Weight loss Are like Lovers

Just as lovers always have tiffs and then kiss and make up, diet and weight loss also act in the same manner. Once you stop dieting you gain weight and again the struggle to lose it starts. You get fed … Continue reading

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What Negative Calorie Foods Are and How They’ll Help You Lose Weight

Negative calorie foods are; they’re just another fancy nutritionist term to get you to buy some weight loss product or what exactly are they meant to do? These are foods that have been found to cost the body more calories … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Weight Gain Cause Divorce!

Robert and Heather were the envy of everyone; the perfect wedding and a stable home, or what appeared to be one, for years. All of a sudden I started noticing some disturbing signs; either spouse started showing up alone at … Continue reading

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2 Big Reasons Why Bloggers Battle with Weight Gain That Leads to Obesity

Obesity, unfortunately, is a very common phenomenon among full-time bloggers. Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, it is something that develops as a hazard of blogging and gradually takes shape due to the lifestyle nuances and poor diet practices Read more … Continue reading

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