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Norah has been struggling with her weight for some time, and has been researching efficient ways to stay healthy and fit for years. She is now on a mission to share some of the things she's learned. She is also one of the editors behind High Style Life, an up-and-coming lifestyle magazine.

Gym Injuries that Need Immediate Medical Attention

No pain, no gain- claims one of the most popular workout motto. However, while most people think about the hardships of workout, this can also apply to various gym injuries. Let’s face it, the more you train, the greater the … Continue reading

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Where to Find Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation is fuel for any type of endeavor. Knowing how to motivate yourself is crucial for remaining on the path you have set for yourself and not quitting when it is the hardest to maintain. Losing weight can be a … Continue reading

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Mistakes Rookie Gym Goers Make and How to Avoid Them

Keeping your physical appearance in an admirable state is a noble pursuit, and as such worthy of almost any effort or sacrifice. Still, this is not something that you can easily achieve without going to the gym. Even though there … Continue reading

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Natural Sources of Calcium

Do you know the joke about the woman who takes her son to a museum to see the dinosaurs? Well, as soon as they walk in, the child spots a huge skeleton of Tyrannosaurus rex and is completely amazed. After … Continue reading

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What is The Difference between a Personal Trainer and a Life Coach?

Improving your quality of life is one of the most important things in the world. Being physically more ready and being in the shape of a lifetime are by far the two easiest and most effective ways to make this … Continue reading

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Cook Your Way to a Healthier Life

In today’s day and age, with a lot of unhealthy and processed food screaming at you at every step, people try to make an effort and eat healthier in order to stay fit. While you may be trying to eat … Continue reading

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