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Author Bio- Latasri is a health and fitness enthusiast who likes to blog on these subjects. While she makes availabletrx coupon code and flex belt coupon in her website that sells coupons and discounts for fitness freaks, she also writes reviews about flex belts and trx training.

Weight Loss for Bloggers – Diet and Exercise to Better your Health and Blogging Career

We live the envied life of the blogger: we sit at our computers most of the day, check our mail or browse Pinterest until our eyes bleed pretty dresses and organization ideas, we eat lunch whenever we want, eat second … Continue reading

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Eat Your Way To Good Health

With winter gone and ushering of spring all of us wait to see the sun and enjoy the bounties showered by it. Wearing light cotton clothes is a great change from the heavy woolens and sweaters we wore till a … Continue reading

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Effects of Diet and Lifestyle on Sleep

Are you counting sheep every night? Are you one of those unfortunate people for whom sleeping simply means lying awake in bed till the early hours of morning staring at the ceiling? Fret not. You’re not alone. One in four … Continue reading

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Try Hydrotherapy at Home to get Glowing Skin

Use of water to cure an illness is known as Hydrotherapy. Unknowingly, from childhood we have been taking hydrotherapy in one form or the other, right in our homes. Water is very effective in burning the unwanted fat by stimulating … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat!

What we eat, when we consume these and in what proportion all go in making how we build ourselves. Continue reading

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