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Jessica enjoys learning about nutrition and exercise. After helping a friend plan her wedding last year, she fell in love with weddings and the world of event planning. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she loves.

Blast Past That Weight Loss Plateau with Strength Training

The weight loss plateau is the most frustrating thing for anyone who is seriously trying to lose weight. You spend hours at the gym, carefully measure each bite you eat, yet you cannot seem to shake the pounds once you … Continue reading

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4 Tips to Running Faster and Stronger

When beginning a long-distance training regimen, many novice runners struggle to keep themselves motivated and on a consistent running schedule. Running fast for long distances is an obvious goal, but how to reach that achievement may be less clear. Read … Continue reading

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What Would Buddha Do? 4 Zen-Inspired Ways to Cope with Stress

Stress is a normal and expected side effect of living a productive and fulfilling life, and we all have to deal with some level at stress at some point in our lives. Aside from general stress caused by meeting everyday … Continue reading

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Fountain of truth: All about anti-aging

Wrinkles. They’re the mark of a life well lived, a tribute to the years any woman has spent in the world. Some choose to wear them as a badge of honor, while others do everything they can to keep them … Continue reading

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Facing Surgery? Prepare Ahead of Time for a Successful Recovery

When preparing for surgery, there are certain things patients need to do ahead of time to ensure that recoveries are as smoothly as possible. Whether patients are preparing themselves emotionally for what they are about to face or are preparing … Continue reading

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Keep your chin up: Four ways to look and feel your best

Looking and feeling good truly go hand in hand. A person who feels positive about themselves is more likely to commit extra time or expense to the way they look on the outside. Sometimes an outer improvement can help provide … Continue reading

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