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Grady Winston is an avid internet entrepreneur and guest blogger from Indianapolis. He has worked in the fields of technology, business, marketing, and advertising implementing multiple creative projects and solutions for a range of clients. He enjoys writing on environmental issues and how to lead an organic and healthy lifestyle.

Side Effects Of Rapid Weight Loss

Generally, losing weight is an incremental process. However, if your weight is threatening your health and interfering with your life, and if diet and exercise haven’t resolved the problem, your doctor may recommend bariatric surgery, admission to a weight Read … Continue reading

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5 Festive Squash Recipes for the Fall

Gourds can be pretty decorations arranged in groups, and even function as centerpieces during the fall months. But if you think the appearance of these gourds is their only useful attribute, think again. Many types of gourds can double as … Continue reading

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Rising Numbers In Obesity Leads To Other Health Concerns

If obesity wasn’t considered an epidemic before, it’s certainly reached full-blown status now. Each successive study points to obesity as the base problem of yet another condition. Just days ago a report on the CBS News website revealed that knee replacement … Continue reading

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The Importance of Fresh, Clean Water

Clear water isn’t always clean water. Unfortunately, many of the most dangerous contaminants that can find their way into drinking water aren’t visible to the human eye. Continue reading

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Eating Right, Day or Night: A Simple Guide To Nutritious Eating At Restaurants

There is a broad misconception that eating healthy is only accessible for those in an elite socio-economic bracket. Although you may not find a well-balanced meal of proteins, vegetables and fruits on the drive-thru dollar menu, you can find healthy … Continue reading

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