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Levi Bloom is a retired mountain bike racer turned cycling coach (which is why he goes by Coach Levi now.) These days, he helps new riders get started in the sport, and he writes about cycling training and nutrition online at He is also co-founder of The Endurance Athlete Plate, a healthy-eating guide for endurance athletes.

How To Choose a Personal Trainer That Is a Good Match For You

OK, so you have decided to hire a personal trainer to keep you motivated and working out on schedule so you can finally get the results you’ve been looking for. But before you take the plunge, much like in marriage, … Continue reading

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How Racing Cyclists Can Fit a Low-Carb Diet Into Their Training Plan

There’s been a debate over carbohydrates for many years, putting low-carb fanatics up against endurance athletes who subsist on nothing but pasta dinners. But only in the past few years has the low-carb approach made any real headway into the … Continue reading

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