What You Have To Learn About Calories and Body Fat

Understanding your body fat level in relation to calories is very important. With the best exogenous ketones, you can gain muscles, lose excess body fat, and retain your body weight. Here is an insight into calories in relation to body fat.

Many people want to reduce fat, especially athletes and bodybuilders. Weight loss is an excellent way to stay healthy. Nonetheless, you need to talk to a nutritionist to know how many calories equal a pound of body fat so that you know exactly what you are working with.

How to Reduce Your Body Fat

When you want to reduce body fat, the key is to take in fewer calories than your body needs. By following a healthy meal plan and combining it with exercise, you will lose body fat easily. However, you need to be careful as eating very few carbohydrates will lead not only to weight and body fat loss but also muscle and body fluids. 

The Composition of Your Body

Your body has two primary types of mass: non-fat mass and body fat.

  • Non-fat mass includes muscles, water, bones, and tissues. Some people refer to non-fat mass as lean tissue. The tissues are active in the body as they burn to produce the energy you need for everyday activities.
  • Body fat lies under the skin and in muscle tissue (subcutaneous fat) or around your body organs (visceral fat). For your body to function correctly and for your overall health, you need some fat. A fat protein-efficient body is necessary to protect your internal organs, regulate the body hormones, and store the fuel for energy.  

Body Fat Percentage

Weighing yourself on a standard scale every day does not asses the composition of your body. By using a standard scale, you cannot know the structure of your total weight, fat, water, or muscle. To see if you are healthy, you need to know your body fat percentage. You can do this by taking simple measurements and enter them into a body fat calculator.

Factors That Can Affect Your Body Composition

Factors beyond your control may influence the composition of your body. They include the following:


For many people, extra fat comes with advanced age. Adults who have a normal BMI tend to add extra weight and have more fat as they approach 60-65 years. For this reason, one needs to continue exercising, especially in older age, to get rid of the extra fat.


Men have less fat as compared to women. Women tend to have fat in the belly and hips more than men. Extra fat, especially around the belly, is a health scare and may bring about other complications. 


Genes play a role in whether you are fat or lean. The chances that you will have a lot of fat too may depend on your family lineage. For instance, if your parents are obese, you have the risk of being overweight, as their genes will pass over to you. Genes affect where you store extra fat, and the amount of fat you get to store in your body.


Knowing your calories and body fat levels is essential, especially when you want to lose weight. It is possible to gain muscle and lose fat without losing weight thanks to the body fat scales.

Today, a number of people out there are battling with the issue of weight loss and body fat. Whether you want to lose body fat, or you have already shed off fat successfully, feel free to give us your opinion and experience in the comment box below.

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