Multivitamins and Why You Should Be Taking Them

The topic of multivitamins has always been a sort of 50/50 split. With some people taking their daily supplements and others not thinking it’s necessary or who don’t believe that it does anything.

We live busy lives and getting in all the vitamins and nutrients we need daily can be difficult. Sometimes there is just no slowing down to make a healthy breakfast, lunch or supper. We rush out of the door and dash to work or school or to the gym, smoothie or protein shake in hand. Although, these are both excellent sources of vitamins and nutrients it still leaves your body lacking. Like for example, Vitamin D which we get from the sunlight. A lot of us spend the majority of our day in an office typing away, not spending more than 15 minutes outside. And even if we are spending time outdoors, we are lathered in sunscreen to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun. Thus, not allowing enough Vitamin D to enter our systems.

Here Are A Few Factors Were Multivitamin Can Be Beneficial:

1.      Immunity

It helps boost your immunity and keep the baddies like the common cold at bay. This means you won’t miss any work or important workouts when the flu season sets in (hopefully).

2.      Hair and Skin

As we grow older, our skin and hair also suffer, and it’s something we often overlook because we’re so busy living life that we don’t even realise it. A multivitamin will keep your skin and hair in top condition as you walk through the maze of life. Your skin will age slower and your hair will keep its beautiful glow.

3.      Deficiencies

A majority of people have nutritional gaps in their diet, and this is where a multivitamin comes in and fills in what your body still lacks.

4.      Your Brain

If like most of us you suffer from fatigue now and then, a multivitamin should be the first solution you turn to. Most have Vitamin B as one of their vitamins, and this is the one boosts your energy and gets you back to fighting strength, without having to drink 10 cups of coffee a day.

5.      Pregnancy

A pregnant woman can significantly benefit from taking a daily vitamin for herself and her baby. If she is struggling to get down a particular food that has nutritional value, then this is where she should get it from. It will also be useful for her unborn baby because it will keep her immunity up and her body healthy.

Taking a daily multivitamin only takes a few minutes every day. The best time to make it is in the morning after breakfast, usually. Otherwise, you might end up feeling slightly ill, with only vitamins floating around in your stomach. So make sure to eat a healthy breakfast, even if it’s a smoothie while you’re running out the door. But before taking any multivitamin it is best to check with your doctor.

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