10 Things That Women With Great Teeth Do Everyday

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Great teeth are probably one of the most wanted and most sought after things in the world. A white smile is something everyone wants. Walking out of a dentist’s office with a 10/10 is one of the greatest feelings in the world that you could ever experience. But not many of us are that blessed.

All of us, probably have one such woman in our circle, who has such well-maintained teeth, that it makes you want to know what she does to get those pearls.

To make it easier, we have listed down the top 10 things women with great teeth do every day.

1. They See Their Dentists Regularly

One of the major things that we all are really lazy about is: Visiting the Dentist!

The number of times you need to visit your dentist in a year will be determined by your dentist. If your teeth are well maintained and in good health you will probably need lesser visits. But you have oral issues then you might have to visit the doctor more. As they say “Prevention is better than cure”. It is better and less expensive to stay ahead of any issues rather than putting off the visit to a dentist until you actually have a problem.

2. They Own an Electric Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth isn’t merely just that. Your teeth need to be brushed in a specific way to be completely clean and free of any germs. The correct method to brush your teeth is brushing in slow circles at a 45-degree angle. Most people probably didn’t even know that. An electric toothbrush uses that same movement to brush your teeth and in addition, it keeps brushing for a full two minute, which is the correct amount of time spent on brushing teeth.

3. They Floss Daily

People tend to forget flossing after brushing their teeth. Flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. Not only does it get the food stuck between your teeth out, but it also stimulates the gum, eliminates plaque, and reduces the chances of inflammation.

4. They Get Orthodontia

If you want straighter teeth, teeth that are completely aligned and look perfect, you can get orthodontia. Orthodontia is a treatment to treat the irregularities and jaggedness of teeth and jaws. Although having imperfect teeth is completely fine too, but if you wish for a straighter teethed smile then go ahead with orthodontia.

5. They Use Antimicrobial Mouth Wash

An antimicrobial mouthwash is one that contains that kills and prevents the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Using this two times a day will reduce the risk of plaque building up on your teeth, which makes your teeth look dull and yellow. Instead, you will have brighter, whiter teeth.

6. They Add Cheese in Their Meals

Cheese and other dairy products protect your teeth and from decaying. Cheese produces saliva which helps to maintain the pH of your mouth. Moreover, cheese and dairy products have nutrients that build a thin film around your teeth which protects them from decaying.

7. They Wear Their Retainers

Teeth have a memory of their own and if you let them then they can revert back to their original shape. It is extremely important to wear your retainers that are custom made to fit you if you want more shaped and straighter looking teeth.

9. They Choose Glossy Lips Over Matte

Glossy lips make your teeth appear whiter because of the reflectivity of light. Matte lips can make your lips look dull. But if you still prefer matte lips then try putting on some ointment over your lips to give them that gloss or shine.

9. They Bleach Their Teeth Every Three Months

One of the top things people with good teeth do is bleach them routinely i.e. every three months. You could either go to a dentist and have a full and proper teeth whitening done, which will cost you a lot of money. Or you could use one of the many at-home kits available and get high maintenance teeth whitening at home at a much cheaper cost.

10. They Use a Whitening Toothpaste

If you drink coffee or tea it is bound to leave some type of stain on your teeth. And if not taken care of properly, these can actually get permanent. It is advisable and in fact necessary to use a whitening toothpaste that eradicates these stains as soon as they appear.

All of the above-mentioned things will be of no use if you don’t maintain consistency. Don’t get motivated to do these things for a week and then fall back to your previous ways. Achieving something requires dedication and time. Your teeth are a prominent part of your personality. A lot of people judge you on the basis of how your teeth look. The better your teeth look the better the impression you make. Dull and yellow teeth show that you are a person who doesn’t care for themselves. While whiter and brighter teeth make you look like a high maintenance person.

So keep your teeth whiter and smile brighter!

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