November is National Diabetes Awareness Month : Here’s How to Get Involved

Diabetes has been estimated to affect over 25 million people in the United States – that’s like one in 10 Americans.

And according to the World Health Organization, the global prevalence of Diabetes continues to rise, especially in middle and low-income countries. As of today, it’s still one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

Fortunately, diabetes can be treated and managed with the right diet, exercise, regular screening and access to medications.  That is why awareness and education are very important when it comes to its prevention, management and delay of progression.

Also, with awareness and education, there will be more understanding and empathy among the community towards individuals suffering from this life-threatening disease, as well as their loved ones.

So this month of November, take part and let your voice be heard as we celebrate the Month of Diabetes Awareness to help raise awareness and bring attention to the severity of this problem through different local activities, programs and fundraising events.

Here are various ways to get involved:

Join various social media projects.

Participating in this month’s National Diabetes Awareness is as simple as sharing about it on your social media accounts using hashtags #NDAM and #DiabetesAwarenessMonth  – whether it’s educating others, showing support or sharing hopefulness and positivity.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, share photos on social media to show everyone that diabetics can also live well and chase their dreams. This way, you get to inspire other fellow diabetics to live their best life despite of this disease. On Instagram, there are different photo challenges and contests that you can join. Just search for #happydiabeticchallenge and #DiabetesDoesntStopMe.

For more Social Media Awareness projects, click HERE.

Support charities that help improve the quality of life and research for Type 1 diabetes.

Help cure diabetes and give a gift through the American Diabetes Association.

For more diabetes charities, visit this page.

Take the online Type 2 diabetes risk assessment.

Type 2 diabetes is preventable and treatable. That is why it’s very important to know if you or your family is at risk. Take the online test called “Know Your Risk” from and share your results on social media using the hashtag #KnowYourRisk to encourage others to do the same.

Join the Global Diabetes Walk.

Every year, during the 14th of November, a Global Diabetes Walk is held to raise awareness and encourage people to take steps to prevent this disease.

The campaign is held in different locations all over the world. To sign up, register or find a walk near you, head on to – 

Host your own World Diabetes Event.

If you want organize your own campaign in your community, you can go to to submit your event and have it registered.

You can find a selection of official educational and promotional materials on for use in your campaign to promote World Diabetes Day, including campaign guide/toolkit, posters, info graphics, merchandise and this year’s logo.

Remember, advocacy is the first step towards change. No matter what skills or resources you have, there are numerous ways to help and get involved.

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