Most Common Beauty Self Esteem Issues Women Face

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Today’s society mostly revolves around beauty. There are set standards, and every woman wants to meet them. Though, few of us actually look like the models we see on TVs and magazines. Since they grow up looking at those models, most women start thinking that they aren’t good enough. That’s why they resort to different methods of building their self-esteem. Though the issues they face might be different, there are still some very common ones for most women, regardless of where they were born or age.

1. The eyes

Since the eyes are the windows to the soul and the first thing we notice about a person, it’s natural to want them to look as beautiful as possible. Due to the type of lifestyle most of us share, bags under the eyes are inevitable and constant.
They can make you look more tired than you actually feel and prevent you from fully expressing your inner self. What’s more, sometimes they can even draw unwanted comments. That’s why there are a lot of surgical and natural remedies for this issue that most women opt for.

2. The neck

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As one of the most noticeable parts of the body, the neck is often a source of low self-esteem for most women. This is because they see a turkey neck forming, or they simply wish their neck was thinner. After all, a thin neck provides the overall look and feel. It’s, therefore, natural that women would pay attention to how this part of their body looks.
Since you can’t really fix this issue with just a proper diet and exercise, you can resort to other solutions. There are a lot of non-invasive procedures today that can give you the exact look you were going for.

3. The breasts

The breasts are a part of a woman’s body that’s supposed to make her feel beautiful, sexy, and comfortable in her own body. This is usually the case before children, but after your body goes through pregnancy changes, your breasts do too. This can lead to an unhappy new mum, which has trouble accepting that her body won’t be the same again.
Even though most women accept that the shape of their breasts has changed, there are still numerous cases where the confidence a woman once felt is completely lost. This is especially the case during intimate encounters with their partner.

4. The Lips

It’s natural for our upper lip border and base of the nose to lengthen over time due to gravity. This is something most women will notice about themselves sooner or later. Though it’s not drastic, it can still pose a huge threat to one’s self-esteem.
Everyone wants to keep youthful and beautiful lips, which is why some women opt for a lip lift. It’s a relatively simple procedure and patients usually go home the same day. Due to recent technological developments, this procedure has now become more long-lasting and reliable. On top of that, it looks much more natural.

5. Wrinkles

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Similar to other issues on this list, wrinkles form as we get older. There’s little you can do to escape them. Since they don’t normally make the face look more beautiful, most women want to hide them or get rid of them. Even though they seem small and barely noticeable, wrinkles can cause a woman to become very self-conscious.
There are a lot of creams that can be used for the prevention or soothing of wrinkles, but there are other options, too. Makeup is one of them, and the other is having some work done. The procedures you can get for treating wrinkles vary depending on your anatomy and wrinkle pattern. As a best plastic surgeon in Canberra states, the hallmark of excellence in plastic surgery is subtlety. It’s about illuminating your own beauty as opposed to creating something unnatural.


As you can see, women all over the world face similar issues. Since we’re all exposed to the same beauty criteria, this doesn’t come as surprising. It’s important to see your self-worth, though. You are more than what you see in the mirror, and you have a lot to value yourself for. Try to find the things you like about yourself, and remember that it’s okay not to look like the cover of some magazine. You’re perfect just the way you are.

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