Does Bodybuilding Aid in Weight Loss?

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Losing weight is a tricky process. There are so many ways you can go about losing weight, but all of them might not suit you. If your goal is not merely to lose weight but also to build muscle, then finding the right technique can be even harder. There is only one thing you have to keep in mind if you want to lose weight and that is to not give up. If one workout routine or one diet plan doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean that all workouts and all diet plans are useless. In fact, no weight loss technique is really useless. There can be two reasons why you didn’t succeed in losing weight. You either gave up too quickly or you chose a weight loss technique that just wasn’t good for your body type.

There is one technique that many people don’t try, thinking it is not the right thing for them or that they are not strong enough to try it and that is bodybuilding. Bodybuilding helps in developing muscles but what people don’t know is that it can also assist in burning fat. If you want to lose weight, build muscles and you have the right body type, then there’s no reason why you should not try bodybuilding.

Here are ways in which bodybuilding helps you lose weight:

Excessive Calorie Burning:

Bodybuilding increases both short-term and long-term calorie burns. When you build muscles, the muscles use extra calories and the remaining calories have less chance of turning into fat. In the short-term, even after you are done working out, your body will keep burning calories. This process can go on for up to 38 hours after the workout. As compared to cardio, this is a huge plus point in favor of bodybuilding. Bodybuilding will make your body active in a way that it will keep on burning calories hours after you lifted weights.

In the long run, if you continue with bodybuilding, you will develop lean muscle mass. This means that you will become a calorie burning machine. You will keep on burning calories even in resting mode. The more the muscles on your body will increase, the more calories you will burn.

Body Reshaping:

If you are hoping to achieve the hourglass figure, then exercises like cardio are not going to be of much use. Cardio helps you lose overall fat. You will lose some pounds, but you won’t be getting in shape, at least not anytime soon. But with bodybuilding, you can shape your body however you want to.

Weight training will burn the fat in your body and define your curves at the same time.

With cardio, people can lose weight and still look somewhat bulky and that’s because their body isn’t toned. If you don’t just want to lose weight but get into shape too, then you should opt for bodybuilding.

Ideal for Women:

There is a common misconception among woman that bodybuilding will make them appear heavier and hence it is not the perfect option for losing weight. It doesn’t make you heavier if you are fat. It burns those fats and lets your muscles use most of the calories.

Women don’t have the genetic makeup to turn into heavy muscular creatures like men who lift. Bodybuilding can give women a better figure than any other exercise technique. When women lift weights, they burn calories, lose fat and get into the figure of their dreams.

Speeds Up Metabolism:

When you start lifting weights, the speed of your metabolism increases. If your metabolic rate increases, the rate at which calories get burned in your body will also increase. Even though you will keep on building muscle mass, the high metabolism rates will prevent fat from storing up in your body.

Along with metabolism, another good thing about bodybuilding is that you won’t have to keep yourself away from food to lose extra body weight. Bodybuilders require a balanced diet. But don’t let that disappoint you. This diet can be full of all of your favorite foods, all you have to do is strike a balance between the number of calories you are taking and burning.

Bodybuilding and Sleep:

Insomnia is known to cause weight gain. When you don’t sleep well, your metabolism doesn’t work well and you don’t burn fats regularly. One of the many known benefits of weight lifting is that it helps people sleep better. When your organs are rested, your body will work in its full capacity and you will burn calories at your regular rate.

So if you are trying to lose weight in a way that has more benefits than regular exercise, then bodybuilding is the ideal solution for you. Bodybuilding also has the added benefit of building your muscles and toning your body. It is about time you started lifting some weights to get that perfect hourglass figure!

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