How Bodybuilding Changed My Life

Michael Morelli

Watching my diet and fitness has always been one of my top priorities. Health is very important, and I cannot stress that enough. I truly believe that if I am fit and healthy enough, I can enjoy life more, have better experiences and just be an ideal person altogether. I have long learned that diet alone is not enough to stay fit, although good diet plans can go a long way in one’s health and fitness.

Apart from a hearty meal plan with the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and essential minerals, I also coupled it with bodybuilding. You’re probably thinking: bodybuilding, that may be too much effort, isn’t it? The effort may be real, but the benefits are just as great. Not only does your body change for better – you as a person will become better too. Let me tell you how bodybuilding changed my life.

It Changed my Body Shape.

One of the reasons I joined bodybuilding is to improve the shape of my body through enhancing muscles. Bodybuilding not only changed my body, it made my body leaner and fit. Since bodybuilding is an individual sport, its major change can be seen in the physical aspect. Lifting weights enhanced my muscles while the other routines toned my muscles and the result is a fit body shape that I am proud of.

I Feel Fresh Whole Day.

Exercise has the ability to make you feel alert and fresh, ready to take on any action that may occur. Bodybuilding has made me feel fresh all day, every day knowing that my body is perfectly fit. I am up to date on my fitness program and because of this, I feel confident with myself, allowing for a fresh and positive feeling all throughout the day.

I Started Enjoying My Work.

They say if you want to increase enthusiasm in a certain task, you should do something in adjacent to make you more motivated to do it. I chose to join the bodybuilding sport because I wanted to improve myself physically and all other aspects of my life. I enjoy the sport because it allows me to control my body and the amazing effects it can do to my body. Because of this, I started to become more motivated at my work and enjoy it.

My overall outlook on completing tasks has changed for the better because I learned that I am the only person who can do my work correctly and perfectly. Like the saying goes: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

I Started Interacting with People More.

I chose to sign up and workout in a gym instead of working on my bodybuilding routines at home. I find it a lot easier to push myself to do my daily or regular workout routine when I know I have to be in attendance at the gym and when there are other people I can workout with. Because of this, I started interacting with people more and people who are also inclined to their bodybuilding journey. This cultivated my eagerness and motivation to my own bodybuilding journey.

My Stamina Increased.

One of the many amazing physical effects of bodybuilding and my personal favorite is an astonishing improvement in my stamina. Because of the regular physical workout, not only does my muscles enhance, my physical attributes also improve – including endurance, stamina, and recovery. Stamina is an essential physical aspect of life for many reasons. One of it is having determination and endurance to complete physical activities. With better stamina, it is personally and physically satisfying to complete strenuous and vigorous physical activities.

Learned a Lot of Life Lessons.

Bodybuilding has not only improved my physical health, but it changed me as a person. It is not just a sport that makes your muscles grow faster and tones your body. Bodybuilding made me learn about patience because getting the body you want cannot happen overnight. It made me learn about healthy competition and friendship because you will meet a lot of people along the way who have the same bodybuilding journey, and you build friendships. Most importantly, I learned that I have full control over what happens to me and my health.

Helped Me to Deal With Failure.

One of the many important things I learned from my bodybuilding journey is on how to deal with failure. While some people make it look easy, you may not always be successful in your bodybuilding journey. The good thing about this is failure does not mean the end – you can always go back and start anew to work better for the physical results you want.

Once I started with bodybuilding, my whole life became visibly better. I improved physically, emotionally, socially and mentally. You can, too. Try out the sport and you will realize how amazing it is and how it can transform you into a better version of yourself.

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