How to Choose Walking Shoes for Bad Knees – A Foolproof Guide


How to choose walking shoes for bad knees? This question has been heard and asked many times already. This time, I will give light to it. Having conditions and problems in the knees can hamper an individual from doing this said exercise. That’s why this guide will help you how to avoid such predicament.

Having a bad knee is problematic, regardless of where you look at it. It can hamper you from doing all your daily stuff. Even a simple exercise like walking would become difficult if your knee is suffering.

There are several remedies that can be recommended to treat an aching knee. Your attending physician should be able to provide you with a variety of extensive treatments to alleviate your condition. Along the way, the doctor would definitely recommend that you should wear the appropriate footwear to mitigate the pain.

At this point, it is already essential that you know how to choose walking shoes for the bad knee. If you are suffering from this condition, you need to understand that the right footwear can change everything. It can provide you the exact leverage that you need so that you can walk and run without experiencing too much agitation in your knee.

There are various things that you have to consider whenever choosing a walking shoe for a problematic knee. Fortunately, you can always learn these aspects by yourself. Here are they!

How to Choose Walking Shoes for Bad Knees

All of us have different body structures. That’s a pretty given. That’s why you have to select the appropriate footwear that can cater to the needs of your feet. Of course, the right footwear can save you from injuries and potential risk factors for leg and knee pain. After all, you have to realize that the impact felt by the feet can be sent to the upper regions of your legs, which should include your feet.

I have to remind you that selecting the appropriate shoes for your knee and feet is not that easy. There are some instances in where you need to visit your podiatrist or doctor to see the underlying conditions that your feet suffer. If the situation is too dire, your doctor might even recommend that you should temporarily stop walking long distances.

But most of the time, your doctor will always recommend you to settle for good-fitting footwear. This is one of the most foolproof approaches to ensure that your feet and knees are protected from all the possible harms that you can encounter on the road. But of course, there are certain qualifications that you need to be aware of. Here are they.

Size of the Shoes


If you have problems in the knee, it is completely necessary to be wary of the fit of the footwear that you are wearing. It is quite difficult for a person to stride with a shoe that is deliberately choking your feet. Of course, things would be a lot awkward if you wear shoes that are extremely loose.

The fit of the shoes is always parallel to the size of your feet. You should never select a footwear that doesn’t provide an exact and perfect fit to your feet. You should always mind the comfort and stability that your feet must acquire. Ignoring this aspect can cause troublesome problems. A bad fit does not only result in pain in your feet but in your knees as well.

After all, it is the knee region that suffers whenever your feet is dealing with a stiff or loose footwear. It is the connecting part of your legs that receive all the punishment down there.



Most of the time, the materials used in the construction of the shoes are not always highlighted. They are typically ignored because other more pressing factors are more emphasized than them.

However, you should not exclude these things at all. The comfort, support, and stability of the footwear are also heavily dependent on its materials. Most of the walking shoes today are crafted from mesh and other flexible types of components. They are highly preferred because of the breathability and innate flexibility that they have. You can walk and run with them without sweating and strain too much. That is quite beneficial whenever you have problems in your knees.

But because these materials are light and thin, they will not be able to provide the structural rigidity that you need. If they don’t have reinforcements, you can’t expect that they can resist water and other elements. They are susceptible to scratches and wearing out, too.

Fortunately, high-end manufacturers have engineered their shoes so that they can be light, durable, and waterproof. Ideally, they should become your first options to prevent your knee and feet from aching.

Stability and Support


Since the problem area is your knee, it is just logical to ensure that your entire legs are stable whenever you are walking or running. Stability is a crucial factor here because you have to secure that your feet will move in the appropriate motion, regardless of the terrain that you are traversing.

For those that suffer from bad knees, it is necessary that their shoes must offer motion control. This particular feature redirects the unwanted movements produced by your feet. It will keep you from accidents and guarantee that your knees and feet are always moving properly.

Cushions and paddings for shock absorption are other aspects that should be present in the footwear. They contribute to the overall stability of the shoes while you are walking of rocky paths or hash terrains.

It has been discovered as well that people with flat feet (or those that have doesn’t have arches) are prone to overpronation. These individuals are extremely prone to knee pains because their feet don’t receive sufficient support. Take into account that the inward rolling of the feet, while it is in motion, causes the latter from being stable. And if your feet are already unstable, then your knee should experience the same thing, too.

Footwear that has cushion and motion control features are the ones that can stop flat feet from overpronation. In the long run, they will help your feet achieve the stability that it deserves.

What to Avoid


Now, I have to divulge the types of footwear that you should avoid if you are suffering from knee pain and problems. Among these are clogs. Clogs are typically fashionable, but they are ergonomic to people that suffer from knee osteoarthritis. The reason for this is that they place extremely high loads to the knee. You should curb down the load that your knee feels whenever you are walking.

Needless to say, you need to avoid wearing shoes that have high heels. They can worsen your situation because they put the feet and pain into high levels of stress. This problem is typically encountered by women because they are always inclined to wear shoes that have elevated heels. They can also affect your walking pattern and gait. This would immediately cause trouble to your knees.


Knowing how to choose walking shoes for the bad knee is quite essential. If you are worried about aggravating the pain that your knees are experiencing now, then you should already consider getting a specialty footwear. Although it is true that they cannot solve the problem, the appropriate shoes can prevent things from getting worse. They can even help in the treatment process, which is a quite a good thing to hear.

Did you learn from this article? If you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below!

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