Eating these Foods after Your Workout Can Supercharge Your Results

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More often than not, our busy lifestyles lead us to have a training program without a nutritional regimen to complement our workouts. However, skipping meals, choosing sugar-filled sodas instead of water, or succumbing to our carb cravings instead of adding more protein to our diet can all have a negative impact on our overall wellbeing, and hinder our success at the gym.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few fitness favorites that you can easily prepare on your own or order right after your training to help your body recover and replenish your energy supplies, just in time to prepare for the next grueling workout!


After learning a bit more about this tasty plant, you’ll never look at another avocado toast with judgment again. Yes, it may be a hipster favorite and a famous brunch special all over Australia, but avocados are packed with nutrients that are essential for your muscles, immune system, and your overall health, which translates to proper recovery and better results with your training.

For starters, avocados are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins C, K, various vitamins B, E, as well as some magnesium and phosphorus, all of which helps your muscles relax and fend off inflammation. It’s also loaded with healthy fats, making it a very satiating part of your meal, and an excellent way to keep your belly full for longer.


Cooked Broccoli Soup

Cooked Broccoli Soup, Image source: Pexels

Not too many people are keen on this green veggie, but there are so many delicious ways to prepare it, that it would be a pity to banish it from your diet. After all, it comes with such a powerful punch of nutrients, that your sore muscles and tired central nervous system will not stand a chance when you use broccoli as your chicken breast’s sidekick.

It has lots of antioxidants that are key in keeping your immune system in top-notch shape, and its vitamin and mineral content is another reason to choose this as your immediate fuel recharge after a hard workout. It goes brilliantly well with a bit of garlic and all kinds of cheese, and remember to steam instead of cooking, to preserve its high micronutrient content.


Although officially a carb source beloved by many athletes, this humble grain is actually exceptionally rich in protein, and it’s one of rare plant sources of all eight essential amino acids, making it a vegan favorite, and ideal for those who are intolerant to gluten. You can replace your standard rice and pasta with this delicious dish, and eat it together with another source of protein such as chicken, turkey, or even fish.

Quinoa is also an excellent source of micronutrients which help your muscles repair, and it’s the type of complex carb to keep your belly full for longer and offer a steady release of energy. It has become a tradition to opt for ready meals in Melbourne and other fitness hotspots, so you can easily find already cooked meals infused with quinoa and ready to be delivered to your door.


Eggs and vegetables on a plate

Eggs and spring greens. Image source: Unsplash

You have probably spotted a pattern here: you should strive for including protein-rich foods that are also brimming with other nutritional goodies, and your boiled eggs make for a great choice, not only for breakfast, but also after a tough training session. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, you can freely eat whole eggs, and not ditch the yolk – this creamy center is packed with healthy fats!

They are versatile, simple to prepare, and you can easily pack them in your Tupperware container to have with you immediately after a workout, in case you’re not a fan of protein smoothies and shakes. Eggs are easy to store, and once boiled can be kept for a few days, and you can eat them with a whole array of tasty veggies such as tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, or spinach.

Cottage cheese

Dairy-lovers, this one is not only a delicious way to enrich your summertime meals, but also a protein-packed treat your muscles will adore. It’s also rich in calcium, a mineral that your bones need to stay healthy and strong, especially after a difficult resistance workout. In case you’re in a hurry, a great way to consume cottage cheese is to cut some fresh fruit and mix it in with cheese.

This simple dairy product is an American favorite in various shapes and forms, so you can take your pick among many sweet and savory recipes and combos so as to avoid getting bored with the taste. Citrusy salads as well as meat-infused dishes will all work wonders for your post-workout results!


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