Know Your Partner’s Blood Group – A must before Marriage

Partner's Blood Group

Partner’s Blood Group – Pulse Plus Pharmacy

Who’s is not excited about getting married? Marriage is the awaited precious moment of one’s life. People are busy organizing things and planning for their big day. Eventually, people neglect to ponder over the health aspects of each partner. Yes, it is important to know your partner’s blood type. Wonder why? This is because of the ABO & Rh blood group of the partners. Explore more stuff at Pulse Plus Pharmacy.

ABO & Rh blood group

The ABO blood group includes blood types A, B, AB, and O. The other blood typing is the Rhesus system, also called Rh system. If you have an antigen- RhD antigen on your red blood cells you are said to be Rh+ and if not you are Rh-. Combining your ABO blood group with whether you are Rh+ or Rh- is very important.

Why ABO and Rh+/Rh- is important?

If a Rh positive male marries a Rh negative female, there are chances that their baby will be Rh positive. This can result in Rh isoimmunization, that is during the fetal development or childbirth if the fetus blood enters the mother body, it will induce the production of antibodies in the mother as the baby’s Rh positive blood is foreign to the Rh negative mother’s immune system. These antibodies of the mother can enter the placenta which can destroy the baby’s Rh-positive red blood cells. This condition causes hemolytic anemia in the baby. Therefore it is essential to know the blood type in advance because the doctor can take necessary precaution during pregnancy.

Must to do medical tests before marriage

HIV and STD test

In current days, the prevalence of HIV and STD’s are rising rapidly. Hence it is essential to do a screening for both the partners before marriage.

Fertility test

If the couple desires, they can have a fertility test before marriage to avoid any biological, psychological and emotional problems.

Genetic or chronic medical conditions testing

It is a great idea to get your spouse’s family medical history. This enables you to take precautionary steps to avoid certain genetic diseases.

The famous old adage- “Prevention is better than cure” is very apt for this subject. Be sensible and do premarital screening to stay healthy and happy.

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