Emerging Healthcare Trends 2018 – An Overview

We live in a digital era. Every now and then the whole world is changing. Digital transformation has fully reshaped the entire sectors of industries. Every industry is now using digital technologies to leverage their business. There is no difference with the global healthcare industry too. The healthcare realm has also adopted revolutionized techniques to provide value-based healthcare for the humanity. This article speaks about the rising trends in the healthcare system to mark in the forthcoming year 2018. Explore more stuff at Pulse Plus Pharmacy.

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine can be relatively new but the concept has been limited in the healthcare industry for many years. Currently, medical treatments are available commonly for all group of peoples. On the other hand, precision medicines are solely designed to match each people accurately. In precision medicine, the treatment approach is based on the individual’s factor such as the gene, environment, and lifestyle.

This approach enables the doctors to decide which treatment will work best for the patient considering the above-said factors. Apart from treating diseases, precision medicine can predict diagnostics for those who are at risk before disease strikes. It also includes screening methods to identify a disease before the symptom appears. Precision medicines are also used in genetic technology, DNA sequencing, cancer research, and protein biochemistry.

Real-time health monitoring and tracking system

There have been rapid innovations in health monitoring systems to observe patients health condition. In order to prevent the health risks of not being monitored frequently(patients blood pressure and body temperature), there arises a need for monitoring devices and systems to save the patient’s life. Therefore real-time health monitoring and tracking systems will track, trace, monitor patients health paving a way for effective medical diagnostics and treatment at the right time. These health monitoring devices are specifically designed with sensors that can capture data and in case of emergency, a short message will be sent to doctors mobile number. Furthermore, these real-time monitoring systems (RTMS) are designed wireless with low cost and low power consumption that can trach patients vital signs 24/7. 

Real-time analytics

The healthcare information is disengaged and not readily accessible, here is where the real-time analytics bridges the gap between the patient and the healthcare provider improving efficiency. Real-time analytic integrates all the disparate information from many sources at a point of care where the benefits can be life-saving. The collected health data can provide insights to improve operational efficiency and patients health condition. This real-time analytics will transform the healthcare industry form volume to value-based healthcare. Real-time healthcare analytics automates and streamlines the process of collecting and measuring the massive amount of healthcare data thereby improving the quality of care, cut costs, and meet regulatory requirements.

Big data

Big data has been widely used in every industry and delivers big insights. Big data analytics will manage and leverage data in any industry. Nowadays healthcare industry is also aware of the potential of big data. Big data analytics in healthcare improves the quality of life by predicting epidemics, preventing diseases, and better treatment options. Big data enables healthcare professionals to collect the massive amount of data pertaining to health and people thereby identifying the risk factors of a disease, providing preventive treatment and in precision medicine. The idea is spotting warning signs of a serious disease at an early enough stage that treatment is far more simple and less expensive.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial intelligence is transforming the healthcare industry and is resolving a wide range of problems for patients and hospitals. Medical professionals can make use of this artificial intelligence to invent treatment plans and to find the best-suited methods for every patient. With the use of big data and artificial intelligence mining of patient’s medical records are done within minutes. Health-related AI is useful in diagnosis, drug development, patient monitoring & care and personalized medicine. Overall the artificial intelligence will create more efficacious healthcare treatment.

Bottom line

Rising digital technologies will revolutionize every area of our life including medicine. Decidedly we can say that all these emerging trends will redesign the healthcare ecosystem.  

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