5 General Health Complications Occur During Pregnancy and Their Solutions

Do you know what the ultimate dream of a woman is?  Yes, it is being a mother. Everybody desires to have a happy family life. But there are certain cases when a woman needs to undergo through certain complications. As a result, many women lose hope. But with the passage of time medical treatment has enhanced up to a high extent.

5 Health Complications that Occur during Pregnancy

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Thus, in case you are also prey to such complications you may easily retrieve yourself from such an unwanted situation. Below are some remarkable health complications that occur during pregnancy:


During pregnancy the woman body undergoes certain hormonal changes. Along with it the belly starts growing at the most. As a result it results into washing up of stomach acid to get washed up into the throat. It also leads towards frequent irritations. Some of the precautionary measures that need to be taken include the following:

  • Eating small meals frequently
  • Bidding goodbye to fried and spicy food items
  • Saying no to soda and smoking
  • Eating slowly and chewing the meal well

It is advisable to go to bed at least half an hour after taking meal. While you are asleep, you must to try to keep your head as well as shoulders propped up.  Calcium carbonate can also be consumed as an antacid. But it is better to go for dosage that is recommended by the medical specialist. You must stay away from self medication!

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is also classified as all-day sickness. Generally this situation takes place in case of a pregnant woman. Though it gets better just after the first trimester, but many people remain its prey for long!

If you are also among them, stop worrying! You may easily rescue yourself from the same by following these precautionary measures:

  • It is better not to let yourself become too hungry.
  • Better to have limited diet for well being
  • Though fluids will serve you the best, it is recommended not to drink fluids just before or just after your meal
  • You may also have nutritious snacks like crackers, granola bar etc. prior getting out of bed in the morning
  • Bidding goodbye to fried and spicy food items
  • Giving a trial to ginger and lemons to calm your stomach

Apart from these precautionary measures, it is good to take in plenty of fresh air and rest. You may also give a trial to acupressure wrist bands. In case of nausea, do not think twice prior consulting your doctor.


Fatigue is the most common thing that is observed in case of pregnant women. By taking into due consideration the enormous amount of work being performed by your body right now, it I not at all unusual to feel completely exhausted. Proper rest is the best solution. You must take the required amount of sleep by adjusting your schedule and requesting for assistance in case of household chores.

Some other precautionary measures that can be taken include the following:

  • Taking small walks
  • Avoiding too much spicy food items
  • Having fruit juice frequently
  • Remaining into touch with your family doctor

Frequent urination

Frequent urination is another common issue found in case of pregnant women. In case of first trimester, the pregnancy hormone cCG leads towards frequent bathroom trips. In case of second trimester, bathroom breaks get back as the growing uterus puts pressure on the bladder. There are numerous ways to avoid such an unwanted situation that include:

  • Avoiding caffeine
  • Drinking high amount of fluids
  • Going to washroom the moment you start feeling urged
  • Leaning forward at the time of urinating to avoid unnecessary pressure into the bladder

You must stay away from all sorts of activities that finally lead towards unnecessary pressure on your bladder as well as your fetus. Dry to take healthy foods but within certain limits. You may also take the help of a nutritionist to get the best guideline.


It is a fact that during pregnancy complete rest is demanded. As a result digestion process slows down. Food starts moving slowly throughout the body to provide a better chance to absorb all essential nutrients. Iron supplements also make one constipated.  It is high time to take immediate measures to stay regular.

Some of the preventative measures to stay away from constipation include the following:

  • Taking fiber rich food items like fruits, beans, vegetables and whole grains
  • Staying as much active as possible
  • Getting plenty of fluids
  • Do not delay going to your washroom

Some other complications that are visible in case of a pregnant lady include sore throat, stretch marks, itchy belly and gestational diabetes. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with following the advice of your doctor in a thorough manner will contribute in staying you hundred feet away from any unwanted complications.

High Blood Pressure – Another Vital Issue in a Pregnant Woman

As per recent studies, it has been observed that many pregnant women develop high blood pressure. Usually it takes place in case of the last trimester. If left unattended, it may lead towards high complication to both mother as well as child. It may limit the flow of blood resulting into limited supply of nutrients and oxygen to the baby.

Some of the symptoms that must not be ignored in case of a pregnant woman include the following:

  • Change in vision
  • Abdominal pain
  • Decreased amount of urine
  • Swelling of hands and feet

The moment you see any unexpected symptom, immediately report the same to your doctor. Prevention is better than cure. It will prevent all sorts of complications, thus resulting in the birth of a healthy baby. Sometimes you need to deliver your baby before due date as it is the only way to cure high blood pressure during pregnancy.

The list is endless! Still you may go through magazines that have been penned by experts to stay healthy. Pregnancy is both a very critical and enjoyable stage in the life of a woman.  Get ready to enjoy it at the fullest without thinking twice!


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