3 Useful Smart Gadgets to Help You Lose Weight

Can technology really help you lose weight?  Well, the answer depends on which products you are actually looking at.

If you mean products that claim to zap fats on your mid-section and tone your tummy, perhaps the answer is no.  That sounds cynical to me, because we all know that there’s a lot of hard work involved in achieving a six-pack abs.

But if you’re talking about gadgets and gizmos that can track your weight, deliver daily motivation, simplify your workouts and help you make healthier food choices, then it’s definitely a yes.

So here are the best smart gadgets to help you lose weight, stay in shape and achieve your goals.

1. A Smart Water Bottle that notifies you that it’s time to drink water.

One of the simplest ways to lose weight naturally is to drink lots and lots of water.  How?  Well, staying hydrated curbs cravings and reduces hunger pangs.  Thirst and hunger are 2 ways that your body signals its need for water.  When there’s inadequate fluid in the body, you might think than you need food when it actually needs more water.

With H2OPal Smart Bottle that syncs to your smartphone, you get to track your daily hydration level much easier and get smart notifications to help you stay hydrated.

2. A Smart Food Scale that counts calories for you.

For those of who do calorie counting, I’m sure you know the struggle.  The Prep Pad Smart Food Scale is not just your ordinary food scale, this one gives you real-time insight into your nutrition with an accurate breakdown of Carbs, Protein, Fats, and other essential nutrients.  It automatically syncs with free Countertop app that you can download for free, to easily log each meal and track your progress.

3. A Smart Fork that coaches you into healthier eating habits.

Studies show that eating too fast can cause weight gain. If you’re guilty of that, you might want the help of the HAPIfork, a Bluetooth-enabled smart fork that that lights up and vibrates when you are eating too fast.

These are just few of the many tech devices for all your diet and fitness needs.  But remember, in order to achieve your weight loss goals, you have to give 100% dedication on both diet and exercise.  Technology is just there to aid you through the process.


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