American Festivals for Health Junkies Like You

If you think that every festival only celebrates music, liquor, food and day to night partying, well you’re wrong because there are quite a number of festivals aimed towards fitness, well-being and healthy eating.

Below, I’ve rounded up a list of 4 of the healthiest festivals in America that will encourage and motivate you to keep a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Going one or in all of these festivals is a fun and unique experience because you get to celebrate the gift of healthy & well-being with people sharing the same opinions, ideas, interests and outlook in life as you.

Healthy Living Festival 

This fun and informative annual event gathers vendors, volunteers and attendees from all over to celebrate healthy life in a number of ways.  Here, you can see healthy living products and services, try healthy delicious foods, watch cooking demos, get medical testing and learn more about eating healthier, achieving your healthy weight and getting into fitness through free workshops and seminars.

Wanderlust Festival

Although this festival also features DJs, artists and bands on stage, it’s far from those popular music festivals such as Coachella.  Here, attendees get to celebrate mindful living – whether it’s a DJ-powered yoga class, acoustic musical mountaintop meditations, and more.  You also get to learn more about holistic health through speakeasy talks and nourish your soul with farm-to-table meal offers.

California Avocado Festival

Holy Guacamole!  Yes, there’s a festival that celebrates this amazing health green superfruit.  Feast on all sorts of avocado dishes on their Food Venue – and don’t worry, because they even have a free doggie day care to keep your pups happy, cool and entertained!  And the best part?  Admission is FREE!

Veggie Fest 

This annual Chicago festival is all about good food and healthy living, it’s actually one of the largest vegetarian food and lifestyle festivals in North America.   Aside from plant-based foods to feast on, you can also learn from different health & wellness talks, home gardening tips, art shows and healthy food prep demos.


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