The Benefits of Sit-to-Stand Desk Chairs to Your Health

Evidence shows that high levels of physical inactivity or sedentary time are putting people at risk for chronic diseases and premature death.  That’s why too much sitting is also being blamed nowadays for the increasing risk of obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes in the U.S. as more and more Americans are employed to just sit all day and stare at their computer screens.

And because of that, more and more people and employers now have standing work stations.  But before you transform your office space, you need to know the reason behind it.

According to an article published in Mercola Peak Fitness:

“Our study overturns current thinking on the health risks of sitting and indicates that the problem lies in the absence of movement rather than the time spent sitting itself… Any stationary posture where energy expenditure is low may be detrimental to health, be it sitting or standing.”

Therefore, standing still all day isn’t the solution for decreasing your risk of these chronic diseases.  Standing work stations, though, reduces sitting time and encourages movements naturally.  When you’re standing, you naturally change body posture quite a lot and it becomes easier for you to perform quick desk exercises in between working hours.  It can also increase your energy, help burn extra calories, improve posture and increase blood flow.

That said, a sit-to-stand work station would be your best bet – it’s an effective way to prevent prolonged sitting or standing while remaining engaged with your computer.

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There are tons of sit-to-stand or standing desks available in the market today.  I’m sure you’ll find one that fits perfectly in your office space, your style and budget.  But remember, exercise, proper nutrition and an overall healthy lifestyle are still the best solutions to decrease your risk of chronic diseases.


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