How a Day at the Beach is Good for Your Health


Going to the beach is not only loads of fun and a great way to bond with family and friends, but is also incredibly good for your health.

I know that most of you love to go to the beach and I don’t think there’s still a need for some convincing, but let me share with you how a day at the beach can benefit your health.  And after this, I bet you’ll try to squeeze in as many beach trips as you can this summer.

It relieves stress.

The combination of the warmth of the sun, blue skies and sound of the waves crashing will surely reduce your stress levels.  The air at the beach contains negatively charged hydrogen ions that help balance out the serotonin levels, resulting in an improved mood and more energy.  Not only that, the beautiful view of the clear, blue waters will remind you how beautiful life is.  Furthermore, this relaxed and peaceful state of mind can help combat anxiety and depression.

It does wonders for your respiratory health.

If you suffer from asthma, bronchitis, sinus pressure, cough or other respiratory problems, the salty sea air will surely improve your breathing.  The sea air is a natural nasal saline spray which can clear your respiratory passageways and remove allergens and pollutants.  In fact, there’s a thing called Salt Therapy which mimics what sea air can do.  Now that it’s summer, just take advantage of the season and get as much natural salt therapy as you can.

It’s good for your skin.

A day at the beach is like going to the spa for free.  How?  Well, first, studies show that sun and salt water can help with psoriasis (which by the way is triggered by stress).  Second, the sand is a natural exfoliant, so rub away your dead skin and let your pores breathe.  Third, seawater contains salt and potassium chloride which can help with damaged skin such as dermatitis, as well as magnesium which moisturizes the skin.

It encourages you to work out.

At the beach, you get to do lots of fun physical activities that burn lots of calories without you realizing it.  Walking, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, Frisbee, etc. – such a fun way to “work out.”

It boosts your immune system.

The Vitamin D that you get from the sun helps improve your immune system to fight off diseases.  (Please wear sunscreen!)  Aside from getting your daily dose of sunshine, swimming also boosts your circulation and enhances the immune system.


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