Top 7 Summer Fitness Activities for Kids


According to the World Health Organization, children ages 5 to 17 should meet the goal of 60 minutes of physical activity per day in order to develop healthy musculoskeletal tissues, cardiovascular system, neuromuscular awareness and maintain a healthy body weight.

During the summer months, there won’t be school-based programs to keep your kids active.  So now that school is almost out, it’s time to plan out which activities should you let your kids get involved in to ensure that they can still get the recommended 1 hour of physical activity every day. breaks down the different physical activities in three categories:  Aerobics, Muscle Strengthening and Bone Strengthening.  Let’s take a look at a few suggested activities that meet the guidelines.


1. Walking

This moderate intensity exercise is an activity that your kids and even the whole family will enjoy.  Accompany your children to their favorite places, stroll around the neighborhood or hit the trails for some dose of nature!

2. Bike Riding

Just like walking, bike riding around the neighborhood is also a fun summer activity for the whole family.  Rent bikes if you don’t own one and make sure to stay safe by wearing protective gear and choosing a safe route.

3. Martial Arts

Aside from your kids learning about self defense, Martial Arts also teach concentration, coordination and mental discipline.  As for physical gains, it’s already a combination of cardio, muscle- and bone- strengthening.  There are many forms of Martial Arts – karate, taekwondo and jujitsu to name a few.

Muscle Strengthening

4. Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses are great for enhancing your children’s motor skills and strengthening their muscles.  Bring them to the park to enjoy different playground equipment or just make your own obstacle courses at home.

5. Rock or Wall Climbing

Nope, these activities aren’t just for adults.  There’s a number of rock and wall climbing walls that are guaranteed safe for kids in parks and recreational centers – all decked with safety harness and supervision of experts.  Not only will this improve their muscle strength but also build their confidence, boost their self-esteem and help them overcome fear.

Bone Strengthening

6. Jumping Rope

This all-time favorite is an activity that can be done indoors, outdoors… alone or in a group.  It promotes coordination, increases stamina and helps strengthen bones and muscles.

7. Swimming

Last but definitely the least, what’s summer without swimming?  If your child doesn’t know how to swim yet, summer is the perfect time to begin.  Swimming is a very important skill every child should learn early on.  Knowing how to swim can save a life and is great for the health too.


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