Summer Safety Tips to Prevent Heat-Related Illnesses

Heat stroke is something that many of you might not take seriously but did you know that it is one of the leading causes of death?  Elders, infants, people with high blood pressure and individuals working or exercising outdoors are the most prone to heat exhaustion.  Fortunately, the survival rate is 100% when rapid and proper treatment is given to a person suffering from this condition.

When the weather is extremely hot and humid, your body’s ability to cool itself is challenged.  To protect yourself and your loved ones from heat-related illnesses, follow and keep in mind these summer safety tips at all times.

Wear appropriate clothing.

Wearing layers of tight-fitting clothes hinders your body to cool down properly so wear lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing.  Dark-colored fabric absorbs more heat so try to stay away from the blacks, browns, dark blues and the like.

Schedule your outdoor activities properly.

I know, I know… it’s summer… there’s tons of things to do outdoors.  But try to schedule your outdoor activities carefully, preferably before 10 am or after 6 pm.  Avoid running errands, exercising or working outdoors when the sun’s rays are at its peak. And if you have a pre-existing health condition, make sure to ask your healthcare provider before jumping into any outdoor activity.  While you’re out, rest often in shady areas and wear sunscreen at all times!

Stay cool indoors.

Even though it’s summer, there are still lots of fun things to do indoors.  Stay in an air-conditioned environment as much as possible.  If you down have air-conditioning at home, go to the mall, movie theatre, cafes, public libraries or anywhere cool.

Stay hydrated.

Prevent dehydration and help your body to cool itself by drinking lots and lots of cool, non-alcoholic and decaffeinated beverages.  Always rehydrate every time you do any strenuous activity.  But as much as possible, just avoid doing strenuous activities as this can increase your risk of acquiring heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Take cold showers or bath.

For a quick cool down mid-day, taking cool showers or baths will definitely help.

Never leave anyone inside a parked car.

It’s never safe to leave a person inside a parked car because the temperature in your car can rise quickly, even if the windows are down or the car is under a shade.  If you have kids, make sure your car is always locked to prevent them from going inside without your supervision.

The best way to prevent heat-related illnesses and fatalities is to stay informed.  Aside from these tips, make sure that you are aware of the signs & symptoms and how to treat them.

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