New Work-out Trends to Try This Summer

Sun’s out, gun’s out!  Summer is the season most of you exercise “for,” but now that it’s here, that doesn’t mean you can slack and forget about working out.  But if you’re sick and tired of your usual fitness routine, guess it’s time to switch things out.

The fitness world is constantly changing and evolving, which is a good thing because you get to try new and fresh ways to shape up.

So beat the boredom from your current work-out routine and try one (or all) of these new fitness trends.


What’s summer without some fun in the water?  Here’s a new spin to the regular spin class (pun intended) – a spin class with bikes inside the pool.  It’s basically cycling underwater, which is a lot harder and more intense, but more fun and refreshing, I believe.

Anti-Gravity Yoga

Also known as Aerial Yoga, this new type of yoga combines traditional yoga poses, pilates and dance with the use of a hammock that hangs from the ceiling.  If you’ve always imagined yourself doing acrobatics, then this is a great place to start working on your flexibility while burning lots of calories too.


This new fitness trend is dubbed as “The best workout to get fit in 2017,” according to Harper’s Bazaar.  This workout from Cardio Dance Guru, Anna Kaiser, is dance-based interval class that combines dance cardio with strength and flexibility workouts.  It’s definitely a fun way to stay fit!


Here’s another must-try dance workout that is like no other.  Unlike other types of dance classes, this workout incorporates Ripstix, a pair of lightly weighted exercise drumsticks, to create music while dancing.  It’s a very entertaining full-body workout that combines cardio, conditioning, strength-training, yoga and pilates.

If you don’t like getting active outdoors or joining work-out classes, just buy different DVDs or check free videos on Youtube to give yourself a variety of exercise options to try every day.

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