6 Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Diet

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the hype around the amazing benefits of Turmeric.  If not, where have you been?  Just kidding.  But seriously, if you’ve ever cooked or tried Indian food, turmeric is the yellow-orange spice that gives its colorful appearance.

Its primary component, curcumin, is the secret behind its superpowers that gives Turmeric the ability to boost the immune system, fight bacteria, fungus, inflammation and depression, as well as prevent weight gain, ageing and cancer.

The 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric

Although it’s the main spice used in curries, you’re not just limited to preparing and eating Indian dishes in order to reap this most powerful herb’s numerous healing properties.

Here are 6 other ways to incorporate Turmeric into your diet:

1. Turmeric Coffee

Upgrade your morning cup of Joe by adding a kick of turmeric.  Just add a teaspoon of ground turmeric to your normal coffee – whether it’s a latte or the bulletproof kind.

2. Golden Milk Overnight Oats

Overnight oats have been a breakfast trend lately – it’s very easy to prepare at night to have it ready and yummy the next day, making your mornings easier.  You can even make a few jars and keep them in the fridge for several days to consume throughout the week.

3. Turmeric Smoothie

If you prepare your own pre or post-workout smoothie, just make your usual recipe but this time add some turmeric in the mix.  The curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties will help alleviate pain, muscle soreness and inflammation after workout.

  • Turmeric Smoothie Recipe 

4. Turmeric Sauce

I found an easy to follow recipe online that incorporates turmeric into dips & sauces.  You can make this sauce ahead, store it in the fridge and have it ready for your burgers, veggies or chips.

5. Curry Hummus

Aside from the delicious taste of hummus, this Mediterranean dip is known to have numerous health benefits.  It’s packed with protein, calcium, iron, antioxidants, cancer-fighting properties and a lot more.  But if you want to kick it up a notch and make it extra healthier, just add turmeric into the list of ingredients.

6. Turmeric Desserts

Last but definitely not the least; you can satisfy your sweet tooth while reaping the benefits of turmeric these easy to make turmeric desserts:


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