Spring Clean Your Workouts with these 8 Tips


Yes, it’s official.  Spring is finally here – warmer days, flowers blooming, new beginnings and fresh start.  It’s time to do some spring cleaning, not just your home and wardrobe, but your fitness routine as well.  Take advantage of the warmer temps and fresh air and take your workouts outdoors while enjoying the beauty of nature in its full bloom.

If you’re ready, here are 8 tips on how you can revitalize your fitness routine this spring.

1. Update your workout wardrobe.

Let’s admit it, new season means new clothes.  So get yourself some light and breathable workout gear in fun spring colors to get you inspired and excited!

2. Change your scenery.

Now that the weather is warming up, you’re not stuck inside a gym or compelled to do your workouts at home anymore.  Do yoga at the beach or at a park, go hiking with your friends, hop on your bike or jog around the neighborhood – there’s a number of physical activities to do during Springtime.  Take advantage of it while the temperature hasn’t reached its sweaty peak yet.

3.Sign up for a race.

Spring offers a bunch of races to sign up for.  Check your local newspaper or online for a race that you can join.  Invite a friend and train together before the big day!

4. Get active as a family.

It’s a great time to outdoors with the family so why not use this to sneak in some exercise as well.  Go on a hike, walk your pets together or involve your kids with house work – hey, cleaning burns a lot of calories too!

5. Plan a spring vacation.

For spring break, plan a vacation that involves some physical activities rather than the traditional lounging and relaxing.  Activities such as walking tours, kayaking, beach volleyball, etc. The options are endless!

6. Visit a nearby park.

The park is a great location for an outdoor workout.  You can do yoga, go around the park for a jog, play Frisbee with a friend or make use of the work out station if your park has one.  If there’s none, it’s okay… you can still do some body weight exercises anyway.

7. Go hiking and camping.

Plan a camping trip with your friends or family and hike up to the location.  It’s physically challenging but definitely a fun and exciting activity for spring!

8. Hit the farmer’s market.

Last but not the least, it’s time to hit the local farmer’s market and shop for fresh and in-season produce to fuel your healthy diet!

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