6 Breakfast Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fuels you up and get you alert and ready for the day.

Skipping your first meal of the day will slow down your metabolism, causing you to feel sluggish and overindulge when you feel hungry later in the day.  However, this isn’t the only mistake that people make when it comes to eating breakfast.

Below are 6 more breakfast mistakes that contribute to weight gain.

1. Your coffee is loaded with empty calories.

Coffee itself is not the problem.  It’s what you add to it that can cause you to gain weight.  Too much sugar?  Whipped cream?  Flavored syrup?  FYI, the Caramel Frap that you order from Starbucks contain 410 calories and 64 g of sugar while your Vanilla Frap has 430 calories and 69 g of sugar.  That’s a lot.  Skip commercial coffee drinks and start cutting back on sugar on your morning coffee if you want to keep off that extra weight.

2. You breakfast is loaded with sugar.

Breakfast equals pancakes and waffles.  Yes?  Yes!  However, these carb-heavy food choices often contain sugar and that doesn’t even include the sugary syrup you put on top.  If you really want to lose weight, skip sugary and foods made with white flour.  Instead, choose whole grains, fruits and veggies.  Load up on protein too, to keep you satisfied throughout the morning.

3. Your breakfast comes in a box.

Yup, those cereals aren’t as healthy as you think they are.  It’s loaded with sugary carbs and doesn’t contain much fiber or protein that you need daily.  Even the “healthy” ones aren’t that nutritious even.

4. You indulge in baked goods.

Do you often start your morning with donuts, muffins, oatmeal cookies or baked treats?  Well, these “treats” are actually bad for you.  They are full of fat and covered in sugar!

5. You drink store-bought juices with your meal.

A glass of orange juice may sound like a healthy choice, but not if it’s store bought.    Those juices you buy from the groceries usually contain up to 30 grams of cars and a ridiculous amount of sugar.

6. Your smoothie isn’t actually “healthy.”

Same goes for your store-bought smoothie.  Buying a breakfast smoothie is very convenient but most store-bought smoothies are loaded with sugar.  If you want a healthy smoothie for breakfast, make your own using fresh and natural ingredients.

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