How To Protect Your Teeth During The Sweetest Time Of The Year

The holiday season is officially upon us. With leftover candy from Halloween, pie at Thanksgiving, and the plethora of goodies that surround the Christmas season, good oral hygiene is crucial to pay attention to. Steering clear of all sweets during this time of the year is nearly impossible, but you should be able to indulge in some of your holiday favorites. Here are four tips for protecting your teeth during the sweetest time of the year!

Avoid Sticky Treats

Desserts or candies that contain sticky components like caramel or gummy bears can be especially harmful to teeth. Food that is sticky can get stuck in between teeth and linger for hours. According to the American Dental Association, when sugar sits on your teeth for an extended period of time it can lead to tooth decay and cavities. If you indulge in some sticky candy try to remember to brush, floss or flush your mouth with water to protect those pearly whites!

Don’t Give the Gift of Sugar

Instead of cookies, cupcakes, candy, or cocoa, opt for gifts that aren’t loaded with sugar. Everyone will have plenty of sugar coming their way, and you can give a unique gift that isn’t too sweet. A favorite bread recipe or soup mix can easily be contained in a Mason jar and left on a door step. You might even opt for a non-food item and leave a nice letter or homemade craft. It’s the thought that counts, not the sugar!

Regular Visits to the Dentist

Be sure to see your dentist if your sugary indulging over the holidays ends with tooth pain or sensitivity. It is recommended to see your dentist once or twice a year to maintain a healthy mouth; setting up an appointment after the holidays are over will allow your dentist to check your teeth for damage that might have occurred since your last visit. Most dental offices, like Beck Pearce Dental, are aware and understand that your teeth might need some special care after the gauntlet of sweets.

Don’t Forget the Basics

During the craziness of the holidays don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes, floss, and drink plenty of water. These are the fundamentals of good oral hygiene but they are often forgotten with the hustle and bustle of holiday life. Being consistent about taking care of your teeth will keep them healthy no matter what time of year it is!

Protecting your teeth this season is as easy as following these four steps. Avoid sticky candies that might linger on your teeth, opt for non-candy gifts, keep up your regular visits to your dentist and don’t forget to be consistent with your oral hygiene regimen. Doing these things will keep your mouth healthy and happy this holiday season.

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