A Lazy Person’s Guide to Fitness

You’re very much aware of the good benefits of having an active lifestyle – controlled weight, lower risk for certain diseases and better mood to name a few.  But it’s just that lounging in bed and watching TV eats up your free time, am I right?  Hey, everyone needs a break, I understand.  But you need to stop making those excuses. You are not the only one who juggles school or work, family, social life and of course, an active lifestyle.  I’m not saying that you need to get a gym membership now or order an expensive exercise machine because who are we kidding?  You’re just going to end up wasting your money because you will be too lazy to drag yourself to the gym or use the equipment you bought.  What you need now is a goal to begin with then start with small changes to achieve better result.

So if you want to start moving, let these 5 hacks and tips guide you.

  1. Start your morning with a stretching routine.  Stretching as soon as you wake up will help improve your flexibility and strength as well as make you feel less lazy all throughout the day.
  2. Change your commute.  If it’s not too far, skip driving or riding an Uber and just walk or ride a bike to your destination instead.  Listen to some good music or talk to someone on the phone to distract you from feeling tired for as long as possible.  Before you know it, you already burned tons of calories!
  3. Do some discreet exercises that you can do anywhere – butt squeezes while sitting in front of your computer, leg raises while watching Netflix or heel raises while waiting in line.  These little things can help a lot.
  4. Choose a workout that isn’t really a workout.  That sounded weird but what I meant is try a workout regimen that is new, fun and off beat that you can enjoy.  When you do something fun, you won’t feel lazy to do it.  There’s this thing called Kararobics where you can do karaoke and dance at the same time.  There’s also a drumming-inspired called Pound where you drum, dance and sculpt at the same time.  If you want to know more Offbeat Workouts, read the article here from a previous blog post.
  5. Sneak in some three-minute mini workouts in between chores or during commercial breaks.  Eventually try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) where you can do short but intense workouts that won’t take up much of your time.

Bottom line here is that you can still have an active lifestyle even if you are a lazy person – all you need to do is to keep on moving and make better food choices.

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Toni is a regular contributing author on Guest Diet Blog. In addition to writing about the nutrition & exercise, she also likes to write about relationships and health.
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