5 Surprising Effects of Sleep Deprivation


I’m sure that you already know sleep deprivation can make you feel tired and suffer from lack of concentration, but did you know that it can seriously cause damage to your body and lead to chronic health problems?  We are all guilty of putting off sleep sometimes but it’s very helpful to be aware of its serious effects in order for us to start prioritizing a full night’s sleep starting tonight and prevent the damage that it may cause.


1. It can cause weight gain.

Wondering what causes the number on the scale to increase or probably the reason behind not fitting into your jeans despite of eating healthy and exercising?  Well, it’s probably the quality of your sleep (or your medications or probably an existing medical condition).  Studies show that sleep deprivation increases the hormone ghreline, an appetite stimulant and lowers the levels of leptin, a hormone that tells your brain that you’ve had enough to eat.

2. It makes the signs of aging more visible.

If you don’t want to look older than your age then you should start to get some decent sleep.  Sleep allows your body to repair itself and increases the secretion of growth hormones making your skin healthy, firm and glowing.  And on the other hand, the lack of sleep can cause fine lines, wrinkles, dry and supple skin – making you look old.

3. It weakens your immune system.

Sleep deprivation can deplete infection-fighting antibodies and cells in your body.  With a weak immune system, you will get sick easily and have a hard time recovering from it.

4. It can affect your mental health.

Lack of sleep can affect your thoughts and mood.  Aside from triggering depression, it can also lead to increase paranoia, delusional beliefs, hallucinations, impulsive behavior and even suicidal thoughts.

5. It makes you more sensitive to pain.

I can attest to this.  Lack of sleep can definitely make you more sensitive and less tolerant to pain.  So if you are planning to undergo certain procedures that may cause pain, then make sure you get enough sleep the night before that.

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