5 Outdoor Fitness Activities to Try this Fall


With autumn’s crisp weather and beautiful foliage, this season is surely the perfect time to explore new outdoor exercises to switch up or start a fitness routine.  Keep in mind that the festivities are just around the corner so it’s best to keep moving and stay fit just in time for the holidays.  Take advantage of the great outdoors and get inspired with these 5 outdoor activities.


1. Rock Climbing

They say that the best time of the year to rock climb is during the autumn season as the weather cools down, fewer bugs bothering you and rock faces becoming more exposed as leaves begin to fall.  Climbing uses lots of muscles both in the upper and lower body – improving stamina, flexibility, agility and muscle strength.  Aside from the physical benefits, this activity can also enhance your concentration and problem solving skills.

2. Hiking

Fall is the best time to hike up and go camping.  It’s a fun physical activity that you can do with your friends or family.  As you go hiking, the fall hues will also make you enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature even more.  Hiking is a great cardiovascular and strength training activity.  If you live in flatlands, you can check out nearby lakes, bike trails or forest preserves.

3. Outdoor Yoga

Whether you’re already a Yogi or not yet, fall season is the perfect time to breathe in the air, soak in the gorgeous view, flow and surrender…  Outdoor Yoga intensifies the experience as you become with nature and yoga itself, whether indoors or outdoors, is a very good workout.

4. Football

Since football season is back, what better way to celebrate than to play football yourself? Gather your family and friends for a fun football game – a total body workout and a great bonding as well.

5. Walking or Running

Step off the treadmill this season and walk or run outdoors while you enjoy the beautiful fall hues, cool weather and the sound of crunchy leaves being stepped on.  Make it a habit to start your day with a brisk walk or quick run and also, look for Fall activities that involve walking like Apple-picking or going to a Pumpkin Patch.


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