5 Benefits of Going to the Gym vs Other Forms of Exercise


Everyone has his or her own way of staying active –running, dancing, doing home exercises, getting into sports or working out at the gym.  You just have to find what works for you and what you will enjoy doing.  Finding the perfect type of exercise is very important to keep you dedicated and help you achieve your fitness goals.

In this article, I’ll talk about the benefits of going to the gym as compared to other forms of exercises.

1. It increases your commitment.

If you are paying for a membership fee, the “investment” that you make will motivate you to exercise more since you don’t want to waste your money, right?  The more motivated you are to go to the gym, the faster you achieve the body that you are aiming for.

2. You get more inspiration.

#FitnnessGoals #Fitspiration – these are the famous hashtags that you can find on social networks if you want to get fitness inspirations.  But at the gym, you get to see inspiration in person and not just through photos and videos.  You’ll see a lot of fit people at the gym that will inspire you to work hard and become like them.  Talk about being competitive (in a good way)!

3. There is a lot equipment to choose from.

As opposed to working at home, running or joining a specific sport, the gym offers you a plethora of equipment that you can use depending on what type of body you want to achieve.

4. You can consult a professional.

A lot of gyms have an in-house gym instructor that can teach and guide you on what type of exercises to do and equipment to use to achieve your fitness goals – whether it’s for weight loss, gain, toning, six-pack abs, etc.

5. There’s fewer distractions.

Unless you get distracted by people, gym offers fewer distractions than doing your workouts at home.  At home, you have your computer, TV, your kids (let’s admit it), chores, your bed, the couch and of course the fridge.  At the gym, you have no choice but to exercise and that’s it.

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