How to Look Slim Instantly

As bad as it sounds, nowadays, people associate “looking good” with “looking slim”.  Honestly, you don’t need to be thin to look good.  What makes a person beautiful is the confidence and the inner beauty that radiates from within.  But I’m not gonna lie, looking slim also boosts one’s confidence.  However, not everyone is endowed with a slim body structure.  Some women’s body structures are naturally curvy and voluptuous – and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

Apart from diet and exercise, clothes and posture also play an important role in looking slimmer than your actual body structure.  If you are interested with that, here are some tips that you might find helpful.

Improve your posture.

Look 10 pounds thinner with good posture.  Not only that, a good posture also makes you look tall and more confident – making your inner beauty radiate even more.  Stand up straight, pull your shoulders up and keep your chin up.

When Picking your Outfit

Choose the right color.

We all know the old wives’ tale that black is slimming.  But you don’t have to stick to black alone; there’s brown, navy blue, deep violet… anything dark and solid has a slimming effect.

Choose the right pattern.

Stay away from heavy patterns and horizontal stripes.  Go for small print patterns in bright or deep colors.  Prints with vertical details also create the illusion of slenderness.  Find clothing pieces with pinstripes, pleats or vertical zippers.

Wear clothes with vertical necklines.

V-necks, halters, sweaters, cardigans… these are just a few of the clothing items that can elongate your torso and avoid making your upper body looking wider.  Avoid boat necks or crew necks.

Wear high heels or platform.

Adding length to your shoes will make your legs look long which helps create a leaner look overall.

Use a body shaper.

I’m sure that you are familiar with Spanx.  This body shaper comes in different styles and probably will become your new best friend.  It is an undergarment that is intended to give the wearer a slim and shapely appearance, especially when wearing tight-fitting clothes.

Those tips mentioned above are great to add a little confidence boost but remember, size doesn’t define your beauty.  You can be whatever you want to be.  What’s important is that you are healthy and comfortable with your body type.  Being skinny is okay, not being skinny is okay.  Having curves is okay, not having curves is also okay.  What’s not okay is bashing someone for what their bodies have and don’t have.

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