5 Sneaky Causes of Your Weight Gain

So you believe that you’re eating right… You go to the gym regularly…  You don’t eat junk food and sweets… but with all these efforts, you are still gaining weight and can never lose weight.  Don’t feel depressed, you’re already on the right track.  However, there are other sneaky factors that counteract your effort at losing those stubborn fats.

1. You always sleep late.

Do you get 7-8 hours of solid and good-quality sleep every night? If the answer is no, then you should change that habit of yours because lack of sleep results to weight gain.  Inadequate sleep leads to poor eating decisions once you are awake.  Also, studies show that sleep restriction can result to insulin resistance that messes up your metabolism. A few early symptoms of insulin resistance are fatigue, sugar crashes and carbohydrate cravings.

2. You eat using large plates.

Big plates mean bigger portions.  A study found that people who eat in large bowls ate 16% more and estimated how much they ate 7% less than those who ate out of smaller bowls.  So switch up those dinnerware of yours and go for smaller ones.

3. You eat “healthy” frozen dinners.

After a long, busy and tiring day at work, who has time to cook?  I understand.  But despite of it labeled as “healthy”, there are some hidden not-so-good components thrown in that don’t make it to the list of ingredients.  Most frozen diet foods pack lots of sodium and preservatives that are really bad for your health.  If you want to have a prepped meal ready to be heated up after work, your option is to make multiple meals ahead of time and just store it in your fridge.  Click HERE if you want to read some Meal Prep Tips & Ideas.

4. You drink “diet” soda.

If you think Diet Sodas can help you ward off those extra pounds, then you are wrong.   Studies show that diet soda contain a variety of chemicals and bad sugars despite of its promise of zero calories.  It contains sweeteners that can actually result to insulin resistance.  So the next time you want to order a diet soda, go for water instead.

5. You might have an existing medical condition that causes weight gain.

So let’s dig in a little deeper.  There are certain medical problems that cause weight gain such as Hyperthyroidism, Cushing’s Syndrome and PCOS.  So if you have been doing all the possible ways of losing weight but still not getting the results that you expect, try to check with your doctor.  You might just have one of these.

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