How to Choose the Perfect Gym for You

After months of contemplating on what fitness routine to take, you’ve finally decided to hit the gym.  A paid gym membership will push you to follow an everyday exercise regime and help you achieve your health & fitness goals.  However, choosing a gym isn’t that easy.

Here are 8 factors to consider in choosing the perfect gym for you.

1. Location

At the end of a long day at work or a lazy weekend, nobody wants to endure a long drive back and forth for an hour long work out.  If you want to keep up with your daily workouts, choose a gym that is close to your home or work place.  This way, you limit the possibilities of neglecting your work out because you are too tired or lazy to drive.

2. Membership Fees

Compare membership fees and payment options to know which one fits your budget and which option is more appropriate for you.  Some gyms offer deals and discounts so you can take advantage of that.  If you are not sure that you want to be committed for a long time, you can try monthly payments first before finally deciding on signing up for a one year-membership.

3. Operating Hours

Whether you like to work out in the morning or in the evening, or probably in the middle of the day, make sure that the gym will be open during those hours.  Not all gyms operate till late in the evening or early in the morning.  Also check what time the gym is packed with people so you can avoid it.

4. Equipment

If you already know what equipment you need, check out the gym if they have them.  You don’t want to arrive at the gym and find out that they don’t have it.  Also check if they have enough gym equipment because it’s very frustrating when you are unable to do a continuous flow in your exercise because you have to wait for certain machines to be available or feel awkward that someone is waiting for you to finish.  Don’t forget to check the condition and quality of the machines as well.

5. Personal Trainer

Now if you are a newbie when it comes to health and fitness, I advise you to go to a gym that offers personal training options in order for you to achieve your full fitness potential.  It’s important to go to a gym that has qualified and trained staff to assist and supervise you.

6. Amenities

It’s great if your gym offers other benefits where you can do other things besides machines and equipment.  Do they have a swimming pool?  A basketball court?  Boxing?  Dance class?  It’s nice to switch out your exercises from time to time because a workout routine can get boring in the long run.  Make sure that your gym has lockers to keep your belongings safe too.  If you have kids, you can check out gyms that include daycare facilities.

7. Cleanliness and Good Atmosphere

A well-kept and clean gym with good atmosphere is something that you should not neglect.  This is what will inspire you to continue working out religiously.  Inspect the showers, bathrooms, locker rooms and if they have enough towels and spray bottles available when you need it.

8. Cancellation Policy

Lastly, make sure that you are aware of the gym’s cancellation policy.  Some gyms will give partial refund or transfer of membership due in case of cancellation.

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