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Do you feel like anti-aging cream you’re currently using isn’t enough to combat all signs of aging? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, most women deal with the same problem. Your anti-aging cream needs help and support to provide all its benefits, and you can easily do so by getting rejuvenating serum. Serums contain more active ingredients that anti-wrinkle creams and they speed up anti-aging effects. When we’re talking about serums, Solvaderm’s Stemnucell poses as the best one on the market and the chances are high you’ve already heard of this serum or one of Solvaderm’s products already. Throughout this article, you’re going to find out ten amazing things about this wonderful serum.

1. It comes from a rare Swiss apple

The primary ingredient of Stemnucell is Malus domestic fruit cell culture. It’s, in fact, a very rare Swiss apple that has a wide array benefits for your skin. This particular ingredient also has a long shelf life than conventional compounds used in skincare industry today, but far more regenerative abilities. The stem cell complex cultivated from this rare fruit infuses human skin stem cells in the epidermal layer with regenerative and reparative properties. Multiple studies have confirmed beneficial effects of rare Swiss apple and this active ingredient won the European Innovation prize for the “Best Active Ingredient” back in 2008. Stem cells collected from this apple present the future of the skin care industry and with Stemnucell you have the opportunity to apply it onto your face today.

2. Slows down cell senescence

Cell senescence is the phenomenon wherein normal diploid cells cease to divide. It prevents the production of new cells thus contributing to skin aging. Active ingredients in Stemnucell inhibit stem cell senescence in order to delay cellular degradation. So what does all this mean actually? It means that the ability of Stemnucell to slow down cellular senescence in epithelial cells maximizes their longevity thus contributing to youthful skin that we all want.

3. Boosting collagen production

Collagen is the natural type of protein in your body which creates connective tissues that hold skin, bones, tendons, etc. It is important for your skin because it provides firmness and shape. As you get older, collagen production starts decreasing, and environmental factors such as UV rays exposure only accelerate that process. In turn, skin becomes saggy and signs of aging start to form. Stemnucell encourages the production of collagen in deeper layers of your skin in order to bring back its elasticity and firmness.

4. Anti-aging effects

Fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles form on your skin due to many factors including natural aging process, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, sun exposure, etc. With significant progress in science and skin care industry, it became possible to minimize wrinkles and fine lines as well as to slow down the formation of new ones in a natural manner, together with healthy lifestyle choices. What makes Stemnucell stand out from other serums on the market is the fact it has line-erasing and anti-wrinkle effects thanks to preservative and restorative properties of its groundbreaking formula.

5. Non-greasy

Serums are usually identified with moisturizers, but they’re not the same. Moisturizers are thicker, while serums have a lighter formula with more active ingredients. However, there are still some serums on the market that are somewhat greasy and difficult to absorb. You’ll be happy to know that Stemnucell has a quick-absorbing and non-greasy formula that won’t leave that awkward residue.

6. Good for all skin types/age groups

Stemnucell is suitable and equally effective for all skin types and age groups. Even if you have acne-prone or dry skin prone to irritations, this serum will help you look younger without causing some adverse effects.

7. Contains hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract

The product consists of natural ingredients whose skin health benefits are well-documented. Besides Swiss apple, Stemnucell also contains hyaluronic acid which increases moisture levels and seaweed extract which makes your skin soft.

8. Easy to use

If you thought the serum is too complicated to lose, you’re wrong. Stemnucell is applied after cleanser and/or toner using your fingertips. After washing your face, pat dry your skin and apply a few drops of Stemnucell while your skin is still damp.

9. Treats multiple areas

Stemnucell isn’t formulated to deliver anti-aging benefits to one specific area of your face; it can treat forehead, glabella, crow’s feet, eye area, nasolabial folds, lips, and neck folds. Distribute the serum evenly on your face and neck for optimal results.

10. Women love it

It’s always useful to read customer reviews before finalizing your purchase. Experiences of other users can give you a brief insight into what you can expect from a product and according to reviews and success stories – you can expect a lot from Stemnucell. Women who’ve already tried this wonderful serum are impressed with the ease of use and quality of their skin. Anti-aging effects on skin are noticeable quite fast.


Solvaderm’s Stemnucell is your go-to anti-aging product for youthful skin. Although the chances are high you’ve already come across this product online; there were many things that you didn’t know, and this article listed 10 amazing facts about it. The serum is the additional tool that helps you look younger and with Stemnucell available online, you don’t have to look elsewhere.



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