5 Eating Habits that can Help you Lose Weight

The issue of weight control is rampant in all areas and it is one of the major causes of depression. Making some minor adjustments in your everyday life will help you keep your weight in good check. It is advisable to engage in routine exercises to be able to control weight gain. Taking a healthy diet is a topic that cannot be left out when talking about weight control. This is because the food that is ingested has a great effect on our weight.

Here are 5 healthy eating habits that can help with the loss of weight and they include:

1. Take plenty of water

Water is essential for varied functions in the body, and the loss of weight is one of them. It is advisable to take a glass of juice after breakfast but concentrate on taking water throughout the day. Research shows that despite the high amount of calories in the sweetened drinks, the sense of sweetness is not triggered the same way as food. It is, therefore, important to take more water and healthy foods instead of taking sweetened drinks. Juicing for weight loss is good, but you should ensure that the amount of sugar and calories in the drinks is limited. It is also advisable to prepare home made juice as it will not have any added sugar instead of buying the ‘ready-to-drink from the stores.

2. Eat small meals instead of one large one

Studies have shown that taking small meals five to six times a day will help you to lose weight instead of taking three large ones. Taking small meals will also help to regulate the release of insulin. Insulin is released in small amounts, and this aids in reducing hunger by ensuring that the blood sugar is steady throughout the day. It is also important that you do not skip breakfast. Most people will skip breakfast with the notion that this will aid in reducing the intake of calories throughout the day. Research shows that the people who skip breakfast are likely to take a larger meal for lunch and this will, in turn, add weight.

3. Use smaller plates

Studies have shown that the people who use large plates tend to take more food compared to those who use smaller plates. Instead of using large plates which usually look empty unless they are heaped up with food, it is advisable to use smaller plates. The main course can be served on the plates used to serve salad. This should be the same case for liquids so that you consume less sugar. It is advisable to opt for coffee cups that can hold 6-8 ounces of coffee.

4. Take raw foods

It is advisable to take raw foods (fruits and vegetables) with every meal. This includes taking oranges, celery, apples and vegetable salads. Ensure that you take the plate of raw vegetables and fruits and make it a priority to finish this plate. This food is healthy and will help you to lose weight as they take the place of cooked foods containing high calories. Also, the food aids in making you feel fuller for a long time, and this will, therefore, make you eat less.

5. Take an early dinner

It is advisable to take dinner at least two hours before going to bed. Taking dinner a few minutes before the nap will leave you bloated and may also cause a sleep disturbance. This will decrease the rate of digestion and may lead to an increase in weight. It is also important to ensure that you do not eat after taking dinner. This is where most people take an early dinner and then start eating before they go to bed. This will help to pack some extra pounds, and it can cause a lot of weight gain. When you are hungry after dinner, try a piece of candy or a glass of non- alcoholic drink. Ensure that you brush your teeth after dinner as this will reduce the temptation to eat again.


Weight control issues can be a thing of the past with a change in lifestyle. The foods were eaten, and the way they are eaten will all matter when it comes to weight loss. There are several healthy eating tips/habits that will help you to lose weight. These include taking dinner two hours before meals, taking smaller meals frequently, taking raw foods and plenty of water. This is easy and when adhered to will help you to lose weight without going to the gym.


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