The 10 Best Snacks to Stash at Your Desk


Sometimes, day time snacking may be harmful or dangerous. We may tend to take snacks brought along with work by other colleagues. If this is the case, usually, we have no much choice. We can eat or take anything others have. It is, however, essential to bring along snacks that are healthy. In doing so, you get the chance to choose or select the healthiest snacks you can get. Healthy snacking is vital and critical as the reverse may be a cause of overeating and consequently, can result to overweight. It is also healthy to have snacks that can be energizing and can be taken from the working desk, till you can have actual meals. There are snacks that are healthy and would be good and beneficial if one considers taking them with him or her to work. Below are some of these healthy snacks.

1. Peanut Butter Balls
These do not need you to make a lot of preparations. They are one of the healthiest snack options to take with you to the desk of work. However, while selecting the item, ensure you consider and select those that lack added sugars. Unfortunately, most individuals prefer sweet and sugary stuff. Whereas it may feel good taking such items into the body, it may be very dangerous and will cause health risks. Along these balls, you can pack some chips of dark chocolate or even some flax seeds. The butter has fewer calories and is thus essential for weight management. The option can make you feel such that you may not see the need to leave your desk or the workplace for a meal.

2. Dark Chocolate
Notably, some of the sweet foods can be healthy. It has some health benefits also. It is vital in keeping you calm as well as boosting moods. It is thus critical for persons dealing with irritability or even stressful issues. In case you are to make presentations, have the snack in your desk drawer and take it a few minutes before appearing for the presentations. It will work in anxiety reduction as well as enable you to maintain focus during the exercise. However, do not take too much of this snack. Put just a square or a piece of dark chocolate to work.

3. Popcorn
The snack is great, and one can have it in the desk drawer at work. You can have the pre-popped variety or even use some fancy recipes to make some popcorns. The snack has fewer calories and cannot be dangerous for your weight. At the same time, it makes you feel great, relaxes the mind and keeps you calm after working for too long or even making long presentations. Make sure that you always have it on your desk. You may need popcorn after a long hour of work.

4. Almond Butter
This one has a high and a good content of proteins. Besides the butter, you can take slices of fruits to eat alongside it. Apples are a good option. The fruit can stay longer in the desk without going bad.

5. Seaweeds
You need snacks that will not compromise your health status or even your weight. This is another good option you can consider using as a healthy snack. To start with, they are very tasty and are satisfying. You may thus not need to take another meal at work after having them. Apart from these, these products are healthy and low on the level of calories. You no longer need to carry chips and cakes to work. This could be a better option.

6. Almond and Pistachios
Almonds are a great choice and contain proteins in them. They are thus satisfying and besides that they are also tasty. They also make a good choice for snacks as they are good and high in the fiber content. The pistachios, on the other hand, are both tasty and add energy to the body. If you are too busy to go and have a meal from outside, you may not have an issue as, you are full and good to continue working.

7. Jerky
The snack is healthy as it is low on the calories level, but high and rich in proteins. Most people may not know, but it is a good snack to keep on your working desk.

8. Roasted Chickpeas
You can either have them homemade or purchase some in the market or stores. They provide you with the crunch you need and at the same time give the body a good supply of proteins. It also makes you feel more full and reduces the appetite for unhealthy food options. This is part of a healthy diet plan.

9. Dried Fruits
This is among the healthiest snacks you can have on the working desk. Apart from providing the body with the essential vitamins as well as the minerals it requires, it aids in keeping you full, so that you do not have to take unhealthy foods. The snack is still excellent when you are moving from work or to work.

10. Squeeze Pouches
Most people will look at it and assume that it is more like baby food and not a snack they would consider taking or having. The fiber present is vital and essential for the body. They are easy to carry to work and they are cheap. You can consider having the snack on your desk. Apart from the fiber, it keeps you full, energized and reduces your appetite. This is good for a healthy weight. This is among the healthy living tips.

Notably, unhealthy snacking may be common at work. One tends to use snacks the others bring along. One needs to make choices for snacks that do not negatively affect their weight or their health. You can use some of the snacks discussed at work. Ensure that most of the perishables are consumed almost immediately.


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