Too Much Light can Cause Sleep Deprivation

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Adequate sleep is a very important factor in keeping our bodies healthy and fit.  On the other hand, inadequate slumber can lead to obesity, metabolic disturbance and other diseases.  But with today’s modern lifestyle, it’s not that easy to always have a decent and good quality sleep.

A recent study that was released this week showed that bright lights of big cities actually contribute to residents’ sleep deficit.  For 8 years, Standford neurologist, Dr. Maurice Ohayon together with his team, interviewed 15,863 people from different cities about their sleep patterns.  The results showed that those people living and sleeping in more intensely lighted areas were likely to get fewer than six hours of sleep every night.  They also complained of daytime drowsiness and were more likely to wake up in the middle of night confused.

With this study, we can say that light can definitely disturb our sleep therefore if you are one who sleeps during daytime (those working on night shifts for example), you may need blackout shades or a sleep mask. While blackout shades are good, a sleep mask is more convenient, and easy to take with you on trips.

Sleep masks allow you to sleep deeply anywhere and anytime.  Whether you are at home, on a flight or a long car ride, you can still enjoy an uninterrupted and restful sleep.  This way, you’ll wake up feeling and looking refreshed.

I personally use a sleep mask, and I have a tip for making it last longer. Simply put a handkerchief over your eyes, and put the mask on over it. That way, the proteins from your tears are absorbed by the handkerchief, which keeps the mask clean longer, reducing the need for washing the mask.

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