Gym Injuries that Need Immediate Medical Attention

No pain, no gain- claims one of the most popular workout motto. However, while most people think about the hardships of workout, this can also apply to various gym injuries. Let’s face it, the more you train, the greater the chance that an accident in the gym might happen. There are some steps that can significantly lower the chance of injury, but there is no way to be 100% safe. Because of this, you need to be able to recognize which injuries are minor and which require immediate medical attention. So, here are some of the more serious injuries that often occur in a gym.

Sprained ankle

Even though it is nowhere near being the most dangerous injury you can encounter, it is definitely the most common one. In fact, it is thought that ankle sprains are happening to more than 25.000 people every day, most of this figure consisting of athletes and women in high heels.

Every ankle consists of tough bands of tissue known as ligaments. It is the job of ligaments to keep your bones together, but because of this, they are often under a lot of stress during workouts. A sudden movement in your ankle, like twists or stretches, without a proper prior warm-up may cause them to unpleasantly stretch or completely tear, resulting in excruciating pain. Once this occurs, it is highly advised that you get medical attention.

Neck injury

Same as a sprained ankle is the most common injury, one occurring to your neck is perhaps the most dangerous one. The most common cause for this kind of neck injury is bad posture during exercises. Sure, sometimes it may be just a mild pain in your neck, so subtle that you will believe that there is no need for you to skip training, but sometimes things can quickly go south. According to lead experts from a reputable 24 hour emergency care center, as soon as you notice that a pain is stronger than it was, or that something is off, you should head to your closest ER.

Shin splints

One of the mistakes that most people make, when it comes to their own body, is assuming that weak spots are the only ones that are in danger. The perfect example of how incorrect this is is the issue of shin splints which happens along the edges of the shinbone (one of the strongest bones in your body). Prolonged hardships to which you are not accustomed to are the most usual cause of this issue. The thing about shin splints is that in order for everything to run smoothly, it needs to be diagnosed correctly, which is not something that a layman should be entrusted with.

Foot injuries

Your feet are your foundation. This means that not only does your body weight fall on them, but any other exercise you do does too. Now, combine all of this with the idea that most people simply ignore the importance of adequate gym shoes and what you get is an injury just waiting to happen. There are series of injuries that may occur on your foot, from black toe to stress fractures and although not all of them are equally serious, not a single one is to be underestimated. As always, pain will be your most reliable indicator and as soon as you feel it increase in intensity, quickly head to visit your physician.

Even though the gym may seem as a place that is waiting for your every mistake in order to hurt you, turning your back on fitness is not a solution. First of all, the better shape you are in, the lower is the chance of injury. Warming up properly before every exercise minimizes those chances, while wearing adequate gear further optimizes things. Still, in life there is no such thing as 100% safe and you should never be afraid to ask for an immediate medical intervention if the circumstances demand it.

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