Wine in a Weight Loss Program?


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Wine definitely has the ability to be much more than an aphrodisiac or a dessert sideline. With the right kind of wine in the right amounts, you can actually add a bit of flair to your weight loss or health program! In case you did not know, red wine and antioxidants are best friends, and one of the benefits of drinking wine is that you actually clean out your system, preparing it for exercise or rest.

Let’s go through some of the advantages of having a glass of wine a day. We will also answer the question once and for all, “Is wine bad for you?”

Wine and Weight Loss

You can get away with red wine every night if you use it properly. The antioxidants that occur naturally from the grapes in the red wine help to clean out the body. Cleaner pathways help the body become more efficient. Any exercise program that you undertake will become more effective, as you will be able to increase your conditioning. Even muscle building exercises will be improved, as your breathing will be improved.

Having a glass of wine before bedtime also helps to stave off the late night munchies. Nighttime is when you gain most of the weight that you take on from extra calories. The body slows down and turns most of those extra calories into fat. Fat is very hard to get rid of.


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The Benefits of Organic Wine

Truly organic wine is perhaps the best option for you if you choose to include wine in part of your weight loss program. Most of the commercial wine that you see at the grocery store would be organic but for the packing and distribution of the product. The grapes and other ingredients are also modified by preservatives. All of these inorganic ingredients suffocate the effect that the natural ingredients have on your body. Organic wine gets rid of all of these preservatives and distribution problems.

Organic wine works best for the body because it gives you the best intake. The most important aspect of any nutrition that the body receives is the ability of that food or drink to give the body the ability to heal itself. Organic wine is one of the most effective nutritional choices when it comes to giving the body that power.

The Science of Wine

A study conducted by the Daily Mail taken under the supervision of Harvard University shows scientific proof that red wine has a direct correlation to weight loss. The study took 13 years and surveyed 20,000 women, all of whom drank a half a bottle of wine per day. Half a bottle in this case is the equivalent of two glasses of wine. All of these women had less of a risk of obesity at the end of the study.

The good calories also fill the body and help people to avoid sugary snacks like cake or ice cream at night. As stated before, nighttime calories are the hardest to get rid of. The body also tends to crave the unhealthiest snacks at night. The natural metabolism slows down, which a person might misinterpret as a lack of energy. In order to counter this feeling, people tend to eat dessert snacks at night. Take on a glass of wine a day in order to avoid this problem in your weight loss efforts.

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