Yoga As Ultimate Anti-Aging Weapon

Since the beginning of time, the ultimate desire of the human race has been to find a way to stay eternally young and live forever. Medicines and elixirs that can help us achieve this have been made up in tales and songs throughout history. But we know that these are all mere illusions and ideals; we are just mere mortals destined to depart from this world one day.

Luckily, we can affect the quality and longevity of our lives by simply practicing yoga every day.

Yoga is a healing and relaxing activity that can help us clear our minds, calm down, get rid of stress and live longer. It includes asanas, special exercises that heal and relax body and soul. It has been known since the ancient times and was practiced in India and in the Middle East, as well as in the Oriental culture centuries ago. Even today, the modern man can exploit the benefits of yoga and prolong his existence.

Live longer and age slower with yoga

The reason why yoga is so effective and good for us is that it can rejuvenate our bodies and help us live longer. First of all, yoga can help us achieve balance of body and mind. It is very important for our physical health. Tree Pose or Triangle, the famous yoga poses make us use our body and our mind in balance and simultaneously. So, we are using our light and left brain hemisphere at the same time. This is very important because it keeps your mind young and sharpens your brain functions. And with a young and healthy brain, you will definitely live longer.

It has been proven that practicing yoga can prevent mental illnesses and diseases. Yoga increases the strength of your body and slows down the aging process. If youhave strong muscles, your body will age more slowly and the density of your bones will increase. Also, if you do yoga poses like Plank or Cobra, your body will become stronger and more stable and your bones will also be stronger.

In your old age, you will be one of those people who never break anything and are not prone to injuries. Of course, you can use workout supplements, such as different vitamins and proteins and combine them with yoga exercises and a healthy diet full of fruit and vegetables, and there you have a formula for great health and longevity.

Breathe properly for longevity

Breathing is something that yoga is based upon. Proper breathing is the first and basic thing that you learn when you start doing it. In yoga, everything is about energy and making you feel energized. It releases your chakras and helps your life energy and force called Qi get released and properly distributed through your body.

When we breathe, we need to breathe deeply, inhale and exhale in deep, rhythmical breaths, and have a good longue capacity. This is considered to be proper breathing in yoga. So, if we have enough oxygen in our bodies, our cells and our entire bodies will be more energized. Proper breathing becomes a routine for you if you do yoga regularly.

By practicing it you can even prevent hypertension or high blood pressure. Scientists have proved this by experimenting on two test groups. In the end, the results showed that the test group that did yoga had lower blood pressure than the other test group. Members of the yoga test group did yoga 2 or 3 times a week. Another benefit you get from proper breathing through yoga is a great digestion. When you breathe properly you give you digestive organs little natural massages and stimulate them to work properly.

Flexibility and boosted immunity for longevity

If you do yoga regularly, you will become more flexible. This is a great way to prolong your life and to prevent pain and that stiff feeling you may have at an old age. If you have lower back pain or feel stress in the shoulder area, the right asanas can help you make these discomforts a thing of the past. And it is all thanks to the boosted flexibility the yoga exercises brought. Yoga will prolong your spine and make you a few inches taller. Kryas, special practices can boost your immunity and help your body fight viruses and sickness.

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