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For people struggling with their weight, the most difficult task is to find a good plan to follow. Simply deciding that now is the right time to start losing weight is not nearly enough – everyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that this process is really hard and takes up not just a lot of your time, effort, energy and patience, but literally all of it. This is partially due to the negative trait of a number of diets and tactics that tend to bounce back, creating a yo-yo effect and causing you to gain weight instead of losing it. Of course, if a person comes up with a good tactic and structures a plan that is sustainable and solid, results are sure to come. Therefore, here are some suggestions that have already been tried and proven to be successful.

A Dietitian’s Advice


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Having no set eating regime and basically eating everything that you come across is the surest path to obesity and, consequently, health problems and all sorts of issues. Dealing with weight must come from within, which means that it does not matter how hard you starve yourself – it matters what you eat and when you eat it.

Since coming up with a good plan and eating regime is harder than it sounds, a number of people have a tendency to pay a visit to a dietitian or a nutritionist. These experts know how to calculate your body mass index (the famous BMI) which will determine your optimal weight according to your height and body type. Based on this, they will provide you with an eating schedule and basically a plan of what you should eat for each meal – and if you follow it, the first results will come in no time and people averagely manage to lose about a kilogram and a half a week.

An Exercise at a Time

If you start eating right and noticing the first results, your confidence will rise and you will have more energy for other things. One of those can definitely be going to a gym, so you should start a new membership or extend an old one remaining from your previous attempts to lose weight.
When it comes to gym and dieting, if your goal is to lose weight, you ought to speak to a personal trainer who can assess your body type, figure out the best schedule and exercises and then train you. Having this sort of help does sometimes cost a little bit more, but it is truly worth it and working with someone who knows how to help specifically you is more than beneficial. With gym sessions enhancing your diet, you can arrive to about two lost kilograms on a weekly basis – moreover, you will get leaner and more athletic.

Programs that Help and Heal


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Going to the gym and having a solid eating regime means a lot and will surely get you to your ideal weight, but another thing that can help you are organized programs that combine weight loss with mental relaxation. What modern health resorts offer is a rejuvenation that lasts several days or weeks and includes a cleansing process, meticulously chosen meals and exercises in gyms and outdoors, as well as relaxing massages – all under the careful supervision of trained professionals adaptable to your body and specific case. This can be a final touch to your weight-losing process and something it will take your hard work to the next level. Being able to relax mentally and physically is already a reward, but you will surely manage to lose some weight this way as well.

The Results

Every lost kilogram and every new day without sweets, fast food and soda drinks is a victory to a person trying to lose weight. However, you should not be content with small victories, but keep a diary of your process and measure your weekly progress – noticing the changes will give you more energy and you will be additionally motivated to carry on and achieve more.

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